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Apr 21st
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1 Forty Years of Good Times Jeanne Howard
2 Smells Like Team Spirit Steve Palopoli
3 North By Wild West Brad Kava
4 Panel Discussion Aaron Carnes
5 Critical Mask Richard von Busack
6 Best of Santa Cruz 2015 GT_Staff
7 Best of Santa Cruz 2015 Community Life GT_Staff
8 Best of Santa Cruz 2015 Shopping and Services GT_Staff
9 Best of Santa Cruz 2015 Health and Recreation GT_Staff
10 Best of Santa Cruz 2015 Music and Nightlife GT_Staff
11 Best of Santa Cruz 2015 Food and Drink GT_Staff
12 Best of Santa Cruz 2015 Arts and Culture GT_Staff
13 Best of Santa Cruz 2015 Editor's Picks GT_Staff
14 The Road Goes on Forever Georgia Perry
15 Club Paradise Wendy Mayer-Lochtefeld
16 Crop Circles Christina Waters
17 Surf Safari Anne-Marie Harrison
18 Sea Change Jacob Pierce
19 Forecasting Mavericks Dan Jones
20 Surfing is Life David Schulkin
21 Green Swell Haven Livingston
22 Reclaiming Anita Steve Palopoli
23 Under Their Skin Geoffrey Dunn
24 How Now, Art Cow Jacob Pierce
25 Throwing It All Away Brad Kava
26 Force of Nature Anne-Marie Harrison
27 Thinning Edge Brad Kava, Wendy Mayer-Lochtefeld
28 Leaps of Faith Steve Palopoli
29 Too Soon? Brendan D. Bane, Maria Grusauskas, Anne-Marie Harrison, Steve Palopoli, Jacob Pierce, Aric Sleeper
30 Dancing In the Rain Geoffrey Dunn
31 Is This a Dream? Maria Grusauskas
32 Stocking Stuffers Anne-Marie Harrison
33 Who Gives? Aric Sleeper
34 Good Times Holiday Giving STEVE PALOPOLI, Anne-Marie Harrison, Jacob Pierce, Maria Grusauskas, Aric Sleeper
35 Pop Life Brendan D. Bane, Christina Waters, Jennifer Wadsworth, Martino Digiovanni, Wendy Mayer-Lochtefeld
36 View Reviewed Steve Palopoli
37 The F Word Anne-Marie Harrison
38 Jawing Maria Grusauskas
39 Santa Cruz Restaurant Week Brendan D. Bane, Aaron Carnes, Anne-Marie Harrison, Maria Grusauskas, Steve Palopoli, Jacob Pierce, June Smith, Christina Waters
40 Field Work Christina Waters
41 Blue Angel Sara Cannon
42 On the Waterfront Geoffrey Dunn
43 Reflecting Glass John Malkin
44 Catwalk on the Wild Side Anne-Marie Harrison
45 Watch List Yasha Levine
46 Drawing Us Together Christina Waters
47 Back to Silicon Beach Aric Sleeper
48 Trending Now Anne-Marie Harrison
49 Say Uncle Sven Davis
50 Party Animal Georgia Perry
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Forty Years of Good Times

When I came on board as the publisher of Good Times a year ago, the lease was up at the office where the paper had resided for nearly 20 years, and a move to new offices was imminent.


Pluto Retrograde, Aries New Moon, Lyrid Meteor Showers

As the Lyrid meteors, radiating from the star Vega in the Harp constellation, begin showering heaven and earth with light, Pluto, planet of transformation (or die) turns stationary retrograde (Thursday, April 16), 15 degrees Capricorn. Retrogrades have purpose, allowing humanity time to review, reassess, research and reinvent while returning to previous situations. Retrogrades are times of inner activity, seeds sown in bio-dynamically prepared soil. Pluto retrograde is the most serious and resolute of retrogrades—a pure tincture, or, as in homeopathy, a “constitutional” touching the essences of all that matters. Pluto offers deep insight into confusion or puzzlement and areas where transformation is still incomplete. It’s valuable to have one’s astrology chart to follow what area of life the major planets— especially Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto—are influencing. These outer planets have long-term and lasting effects on our psyche, inner/outer life events, how people see us and how we see and process our world. Pluto, retrograde for five months (until Sept. 24) offers deep earthquakes of change, awakens humanity to the task of building (Capricorn) the new culture and civilization, flailing our inner world about, deepening us until we transform and do things differently. Pluto is an unrelenting teacher. New moon (29 Aries) is Saturday, April 18. With the personality-building keynote, “Let form again be sought.” Mars anchors the new creative fires of Aries into our world. The New Group of World Servers participates together in the new moon festival, while also preparing for the Taurus Wesak, Buddha Full Moon Festival (May 3). Join us everyone.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Film, Times & Events: Week of April 17

Santa Cruz area movie theaters >
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Latest Comments


What would you like to see a TED talk about?

Hydrogen-gas cars that are coming this summer. Scott Oliver, Santa Cruz, Professor


37th Parallel Wines

I visited the Capitola Mall recently to check out the newly launched Third Fridays Walking Art Tour, and was surprised to find an impressive assortment of artwork from local artists.


Mighty Leaf

Radicchio from Dirty Girl Produce, wine etiquette fail, and a treat from Gayle’s


What’s your favorite happy hour downtown?

The 515. I like their french fries, and they've got great cocktails. Spring Carver, Santa Cruz, Cashier