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Mar 03rd
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1 Surf Safari Anne-Marie Harrison
2 Sea Change Jacob Pierce
3 Forecasting Mavericks Dan Jones
4 Surfing is Life David Schulkin
5 Green Swell Haven Livingston
6 Reclaiming Anita Steve Palopoli
7 Under Their Skin Geoffrey Dunn
8 How Now, Art Cow Jacob Pierce
9 Throwing It All Away Brad Kava
10 Force of Nature Anne-Marie Harrison
11 Thinning Edge Brad Kava, Wendy Mayer-Lochtefeld
12 Leaps of Faith Steve Palopoli
13 Too Soon? Brendan D. Bane, Maria Grusauskas, Anne-Marie Harrison, Steve Palopoli, Jacob Pierce, Aric Sleeper
14 Dancing In the Rain Geoffrey Dunn
15 Is This a Dream? Maria Grusauskas
16 Stocking Stuffers Anne-Marie Harrison
17 Who Gives? Aric Sleeper
18 Good Times Holiday Giving STEVE PALOPOLI, Anne-Marie Harrison, Jacob Pierce, Maria Grusauskas, Aric Sleeper
19 Pop Life Brendan D. Bane, Christina Waters, Jennifer Wadsworth, Martino Digiovanni, Wendy Mayer-Lochtefeld
20 View Reviewed Steve Palopoli
21 The F Word Anne-Marie Harrison
22 Jawing Maria Grusauskas
23 Santa Cruz Restaurant Week Brendan D. Bane, Aaron Carnes, Anne-Marie Harrison, Maria Grusauskas, Steve Palopoli, Jacob Pierce, June Smith, Christina Waters
24 Field Work Christina Waters
25 Blue Angel Sara Cannon
26 On the Waterfront Geoffrey Dunn
27 Reflecting Glass John Malkin
28 Catwalk on the Wild Side Anne-Marie Harrison
29 Watch List Yasha Levine
30 Drawing Us Together Christina Waters
31 Back to Silicon Beach Aric Sleeper
32 Trending Now Anne-Marie Harrison
33 Say Uncle Sven Davis
34 Party Animal Georgia Perry
35 Picture of Health Maria Grusauskas
36 The Maestra Returns Christina Waters
37 Static Age Steve Palopoli
38 Weird that Works Liza Monroy, Anne-Marie Harrison
39 What Smells? Science! Hanae Armitage, Anne-Marie Harrison, Maria Grusauskas
40 Re-thinking the Future of Santa Cruz Aric Sleeper
41 The Comedy Renaissance DNA and Jacob Pierce
42 The End is Coming Sven Davis
43 The Player Christina Waters
44 Picnics & Politics Cat Johnson and Jacob Pierce
45 What’s Next for the NEXTIES? Steve Palopoli, Georgia Perry, Jacob Pierce
46 American Music Geoffrey Dunn
47 A Long Way from Opportunity Georgia Perry
48 Control Issues John Malkin
49 Best of Santa Cruz County 2014 GT_Staff
50 Best of Santa Cruz The Rest GT_Staff
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Green Swell

Local surfboard company greens up the industry with an eco-conscious business model


Two Fish Bound by a Golden Cord

Until March 20, (Spring Equinox), Earth and her kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, human) experience the influence of Pisces, sign of the World Savior. Whereas the task of Aquarius is as world server, the Pisces task is saving the world—tasks given to the two fishes. Pisces never really enters matter, and as the last sign of the zodiac includes all the signs. During Pisces, having gathered all the gifts of the previous 11 signs, it is a good time to prepare for new initiating plans when Aries (sign of beginnings) begins. No wonder Pisces, like Scorpio, is so difficult (both are ruled by Pluto, planet of death, new life, regeneration, transformations). Both signs (with Scorpio drowning in dark and deep waters) find life on Earth a hardship, disorienting (from the spiritual perspective), at times feeling betrayed. Life is a paradox, especially for Pisces. Each zodiacal sign represents and distributes a different phase and facet (12) of the Soul’s diamond light, Pisces is the “Light of Life itself, ending forever the darkness of matter.” It takes two fish to complete this work (creating eventually an extraordinary human being). One fish turned toward the material world (in order to understand matter), the other fish toward the heavenly world. Around the two fish is a silvery cord binding them together. The two fish are forever bound until all of humanity is redeemed (lifted up into the Light). This is the dedication of all world saviors (Buddha, Christ, the NGWS). Thus the sacrifice and suffering experienced by Pisces. Knowing these things about Pisces, let us help them all we can. Sometimes all of humanity is Pisces.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Seal Change

Celtic selkie lore comes alive in dazzling ‘Song of the Sea’
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Teresa’s Gourmet Foods

New owners for Santa Cruz’s leading local salsa company


What defines a good dive bar?

It’s slightly dirty, and they serve cheap drinks. Stella Celeste, Santa Cruz, Barrista


Picchetti Winery

After enjoying its contents, I couldn’t throw away the empty bottle of Picchetti Winery’s Red Table Wine.


Happy Birthday, Manny

Manuel’s turns 50, farmers market steel head pairs with Pinot, and a Birichino Malvasia