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Feb 01st
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101 Best Shops GT_Staff
102 Best Food & Drink GT_Staff
103 Best Arts & Entertainment GT_Staff
104 Best of Health & Fitness GT_Staff
105 Best Professionals GT_Staff
106 Best of the Rest GT_Staff
107 Breaking the Silence Elizabeth Limbach
108 The Reality of Crime Joel Hersch
109 Caught in the Web Norman Solomon
110 Spring Home & Garden GT_Staff
111 Why Can’t the U.S. Move Forward? Ted Rall
112 Derby Girls Get it Done Kim Luke
113 The WOO Way Jenna Brogan
114 The 2013 Health Issue Elizabeth Limbach
115 Divine M Greg Archer
116 Girl Power Greg Archer
117 Friggin’ Joy J.D. Ramey
118 What’s Blood Got To Do With It? Jenna Brogan
119 Love In A Snap Charlie Price
120 The Future Of Farming Elizabeth Limbach
121 Kundalini Rising Damon Orion
122 A New Year Of Happy Jenna Brogan
123 Bright Ideas for 2013 Greg Archer
124 Here Comes the Sun King Damon Orion
125 Ebb & Flow Elizabeth Limbach
126 Meeting Maya Greg Archer
127 Dream Team Joel Hersch
128 Community Fund GT_Staff
129 William’s Westside Elizabeth Limbach
130 Good Egg Jenna Brogan
131 Election Guide 2012 GT_Staff
132 Shots of War Greg Archer
133 Michael Pollan Greg Archer
134 Vote for Bill Greg Archer
135 Frosty Geoffrey Dunn
136 Fall Home & Garden GT_Staff
137 What the Fash? Kim Luke
138 Please Stand By Jenna Brogan
139 The Art of Awareness Damon Orion
140 Putting the "U" Back in Tourist Kim Luke
141 Santa Cruz Was In His Heart Geoffrey Dunn
142 Quantum Fashion Greg Archer
143 The Fate of Organics Elizabeth Limbach
144 Mi Vida Loca Jenna Brogan
145 Let’s Hear it for the Girls Jenna Brogan
146 Game Face Greg Archer
147 Finding Hope in Harvest April M. Short
148 Fringe Kim Luke
149 The Boardwalk Empire Geofrey Dunn
150 The Marvels Around Us Geoffrey Dunn
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Throwing It All Away

Everybody’s for recycling, right? So why are we all doing it wrong? Our reporter gets down and dirty to uncover 10 secrets that will finally make the recycling process make sense


Aquarius Calling, Humanity Rising

Aquarius (11th sign after Aries) is the sign of service—serving one another, building community. Aquarius is fixed air, stabilizing new ideas in the world. When new ideas reach the masses the ideas become ideals within the hearts and minds of humanity. Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are mental. They think, ponder, study, research, gather and distribute information. For air signs, education and learning, communicating, writing, being social, tending to money, participating in groups and creating sustainable communities are most important. One of the present messages Aquarius is putting forth to the New Group of World Servers is the creation of the New Education (thus thinking) for humanity—one based not on commodities (banking/corporate values) but on virtues. Humanity and Aquarius Aquarius is the sign of humanity itself. We are now at the beginnings of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Humanity (rising). The “rising” is the Aquarian vision of equality, unity, the distribution and sharing of all resources and of individual (Leo) creative gifts for the purpose of humanity’s (Aquarius) uplifting. This is the message in the Solar Festival of Aquarius (at the full moon) on Tuesday, Feb. 3. We join in these visions by reciting the World Prayer of Direction, the Great Invocation.Tuesday’s solar festival follows Monday’s Groundhog Day, or Imbolc (ancient Celtic fire festival) the halfway mark between winter solstice and spring Equinox). The New Group of World Servers (NGWS) during these two days are preparing for the upcoming Three Spring Solar Festivals: 1. Aries Resurrection/Easter Festival (April); 2. Taurus Buddha/Wesak Festival (May); and 3. Gemini’s Festival of Humanity (June). Aquarius and the new and full moons together are the primary astrological influences behind all of humanity’s endeavors. The NGWS are to teach these things, calling and uplifting humanity. Join us everyone. (301)


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Job Insecurity

Woman fights for her job in thoughtful, life-sized ‘Two Days One Night’
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Jeffrey’s Restaurant

Why quick and friendly service matters at a local diner.


If you didn't live in Santa Cruz, where would you be living?

I would live in Kauai because the water is warmer, and I just love it there. Maureen Niehaus, Santa Cruz, Dental Assistant


Clos LaChance Wines

Pinot Noir 2012


Striking Gold

A taste of Soquel Vineyards’ five gold medal-winning Pinots