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Sep 20th
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151 Pioneer Women Elizabeth Limbach
152 Ready to Thrive Greg Archer
153 Coffee Talk Christa Martin
154 2012 Health Issue GT_Staff
155 Finding Grace Jenna Brogan
156 Metamorphosis April M. Short
157 Dead Men Rocking Damon Orion
158 Wedding Edition April M. Short
159 Knowing the Nexties GT_Staff
160 Chris Rene Jenna Brogan
161 Music HEALS! Jenna Brogan
162 Santa’s Performance Review Sven Davis
163 Tradition for the Non-Traditional Kim Luke
164 Water Divide Elizabeth Limbach
165 The Mayors: Outgoing & Incoming Geoffrey Dunn
166 Byting the Apple James D. Houston
167 Community Fund GT_Staff
168 The Durbinator Damon Orion
169 418 Turns 18 Jenna Brogan
170 Insiders' Guide Kim Luke
171 Food & Wine GT_Staff
172 Now What? Elizabeth Limbach
173 Men in Fights Jenna Brogan
174 Screenwriting Contest Winners Christa Martin
175 Fall Home and Garden Bonanza GT_Staff
176 Transgender Odyssey Greg Archer
177 Fashmatics. Charlie Price
178 Sound of the Underground Jenna Brogan
179 Surfing Legend Miki Dora Geoffrey Dunn
180 Museum 2.0 Geoffrey Dunn
181 Learning to Love Autism Elizabeth Limbach
182 The Kids are Alright Greg Archer
183 Fall Fashion Christa Martin
184 Marin's Milestone Jenna Brogan
185 School’s Out...(forever) John Malkin
186 What’s So Funny? Kim Luke
187 Kyer Wiltshire By J.D. Ramey
188 Harbor Life Caitlin Sullivan
189 Thirty & Thriving Christa Martin
190 The World On My Back Sven Davis
191 Weird is as Weird does Kim Luke
192 Eating for Wellness Elizabeth Limbach
193 Environmental Evolution GT_Staff
194 Rogue Warrior Gloria Nieto
195 the gleeks Jenna Brogan
196 Ruffo's Wild Ride Greg Archer
197 Best Of Santa Cruz 2011 index Greg Archer
198 Best Shops 2011 GT_Staff
199 Best of Best of Food and Drink 2011 GT_Staff
200 Best of A.E. & Nightlife 2011 GT_Staff
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Catwalk on the Wild Side

Meet the artists and designers behind this year’s edition of FashionART, SantaCruz’s most outrageous fashion show


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Watch List

From Google to the government to data brokers, why your privacy is now a thing of the past


The Peace Equation

Sunday is the United Nations’ International Day of Peace, a global peace-building day when nations, leaders, governments, communities and individuals are invited to end conflict, cease hostilities, creat 24 hours of non-violence and promote goodwill. Monday is Autumn equinox as the Sun enters Libra (right relations with all of life). The Soul Year now begins. We work in the dark part of the year (Persephone underground) preparing for the new light of winter solstice. Tuesday to Wednesday is the Virgo new moon festival. We know two things about peace. “The absence of war does not signify peace.” And “Peace is an ongoing process.” In its peace-building emphasis, the UNIDP, through education, attempts to create a “culture of peace, understanding and tolerance”. Esoterically we are reminded of the peace equation: “Intentions for goodwill (and acting upon this intention) create right relations with all earth’s kingdoms which create (the ongoing process of) peace on earth.” At noon on Sunday, in all time zones, millions of participating groups will observe a moment of silence for peace on earth. Bells will ring, candles will be lit, and doves released as the New Group of World Servers recite the Great Invocation (humanity’s mantram of direction). To connect with others around the world see    Let us join together with the mother (Virgo). Goodwill to all, let peace prevail on earth. The dove is the symbol for the day.
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Sweet Treats

Local cannabis bakers win award for cookies


What fashion trends do you want to see, or not see?

Santa Cruz  |  High School Guidance Counselor


Best of Santa Cruz County

The 2013 Santa Cruz County Readers' Poll and Critics’ Picks It’s our biggest issue of the year, and in it, your votes—more than 6,500 of them—determined the winners of The Best of Santa Cruz County Readers’ Poll. New to the long list of local restaurants, shops and other notables that captured your interest: Best Beer Selection, Best Locally Owned Business, Best Customer Service and Best Marijuana Dispensary. In the meantime, many readers were ever so chatty online about potential new categories. Some of the suggestions that stood out: Best Teen Program and Best Web Design/Designer. But what about: Dog Park, Church, Hotel, Local Farm, Therapist (I second that!) or Sports Bar—not to be confused with Bra. Our favorite suggestion: Best Act of Kindness—one reader noted Café Gratitude and the free meals it offered to the Santa Cruz Police Department in the aftermath of recent crimes. Perhaps some of these can be woven into next year’s ballot, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy the following pages and take note of our Critics’ Picks, too, beginning on page 91. A big thanks for voting—and for reading—and an even bigger congratulations to all of the winners. Enjoy.  -Greg Archer, EditorBest of Santa Cruz County Readers’ Poll INDEX


Santa Clara Wine Trail

My memories of growing up in England include my mother pouring port after Sunday dinner—and sometimes a glass of sherry before dinner. My family didn’t drink much wine back then, but we certainly made up for it with the port and sherry.