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Nov 27th
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251 It Takes A Tribe: STS9
252 Fall Fashion Trends Christa Martin and Leslie Patrick
253 Meet the Bouncers J.D. Ramey
254 Spine Time Leslie Patrick
255 Restorative Justice John Malkin
256 {second} Night Life J.D. Ramey
257 Mid-Summer Reads GTWebmaster
258 More Than Numbers Elizabeth Limbach
259 2012 Damon Orion
260 Q & A Water Ways Amy Coombs
261 The Taoist Way Leslie Patrick
262 ECO Patriots GTWebmaster
263 Tracking the Trade of Rare Meat Amy Coombs
264 Wheel Power Karen Kefauver
265 Take 9 GTWebmaster
266 Best of Santa Cruz 2010 GTWebmaster
267 The Best of Santa Cruz County GTWebmaster
268 Our Ocean Sanctuary Tom Honig
269 Eating for the Environment Elizabeth Limbach
270 From Here to Haiti
271 Riders of the Sea Spray By Geoffrey Dunn & Kim Stoner
272 House of Straw Leslie Patrick
273 Pirate Radio John S. Malkin
274 Food & Wine GTWebmaster
275 66 WORDS GTWebmaster
276 (hitting) the spot Damon Orion
277 Health Issue & 11 Tips for for Optimal Health GTWebmaster
278 Sithan Pat Leslie Patrick
279 Kick the Habit in 30 Days Elizabeth Limbach
280 floral godmother Leslie Patrick
281 Meet The NEXTies GTWebmaster
282 RALLY ’round the iPhone Nick Veronin
283 Top of the Class Elizabeth Limbach
284 10 Things That Stood Out Locally in the Last Decade GTWebmaster
285 Tales of Tanzania Greg Archer
286 The many faces of Joe Anna Merlan
287 Freshly Cut
288 What happens if it’s legal? Laurel Chesky
289 Community Ties GTWebmaster
290 The Music Nick Veronin
291 reflextions Christa Martin
292 Articulations Elizabeth Limbach
293 Food & Wine GTWebmaster
294 World War II Damon Orion
295 Santa Cruz & the Loma Prieta Earthquake Greg Archer
296 Masterpiece Theater Leslie Patrick
297 Dancing Queen Leslie Patrick
298 Home & Garden GTWebmaster
299 What’s For Lunch? Elizabeth Limbach
300 Lest We Forget Damon Orion
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Good Times Holiday Giving

Giving Where It Helps


Giving Thanks: The Thought-Form of Solution

We are in the time and under the influence of Sagittarius, sign of the wanderer, good food, good music, and the joy (Jupiter as ruler) that occurs from giving to others while simultaneously giving thanks from our hearts. Having the Thanksgiving holiday during the month of Sag is not a mistake. No other sign understands joy (an aspect of the Soul) as Sag (except Pisces when not in despair). “Sag is a beam of directed and focused light. The beam reveals a greater light ahead, illuminating the Way to the center of the Light,” emitting the Ray of Joyfulness. Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude; in the form of prayers, thoughts, feelings, wishes, hopes and greetings. Gratitude is something we still need to learn. Gratitude creates goodwill. Together, gratitude and goodwill create the “thought-form of solution” for humanity and our world’s problems. Gratitude and goodwill are the prerequisites for the reappearance of the Christ, the Aquarian World Teacher. In Ancient Wisdom texts it is written, “being grateful is the hallmark of one who is enlightened.” Gratitude comes from the Soul—the characteristics of which are love and wisdom (Ray 2). Gratitude is scientifically and occultly (mental, not emotional) a releasing agent. Gratitude liberates us and everything around us. Also a service to others, gratitude is deeply scientific in nature, releasing us from the past and laying open our future path leading to the new culture and civilization, the new laws and principles, the rising light of Aquarian, the Age of Friendship and Equality. The Hierarchy lays much emphasis upon gratitude. Let us be grateful this year and this season together. And so now the days of light illuminating the darkness begin (December’s festivals and feast days). Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am grateful for all of you, my readers.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Film, Times & Events: Week of November 28

Santa Cruz area movie theaters >
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What charities would you like to see people support this season?

Judy Allen, Scotts Valley, Consulting


Big Basin Vineyards

I was just in the process of purchasing a bottle of Big Basin’s 2012 Homestead in Vinocruz when Matt Ryan walked into the store. Ryan manages the tasting room, sales and the mailing list at Big Basin, and, considering the popularity of their wines, he’s a very busy man.


Ashby Confections

Local chocolate maker talks chocolate and self control