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Apr 02nd
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251 Food & Wine GT_Staff
252 La Bahia Elizabeth Limbach
253 Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit Kim Luke
254 Health + Fitness GT_Staff
255 Making the Homeless Count Elizabeth Limbach
256 In Search of Charlie Chan Geoffrey Dunn
257 Great Shot Christa Martin
258 And The Nextie Goes To
259 Heal Thyself Kim Luke
260 The Tiki King J. D. Ramey
261 Year in Review Kim Luke
262 The Holiday Spirit J.D. Ramey
263 Smells Like Teen Spirit
264 In the Field Tom Honig
265 The Forgotten Epidemic Joseph Eliott
266 Community Fund GTWebmaster
267 Bill Says the Darnedest Things Damon Orion
268 Baseball By The Beach Randall Brown
269 Morton Marcus Lives On GTWebmaster
270 Food & Wine GTWebmaster
271 In School & War Elizabeth Limbach
272 Get Loopy
273 Art & Soul GTWebmaster
274 Full Stream Ahead Jenna Brogan
275 Fall Home & Garden GTWebmaster
276 esalen Greg Archer
277 Everything’s ZEN Damon Orion
278 Journeys with Geneen Greg Archer
279 I Gotta Feeling Damon Orion
280 Garbage Patch Kids Elizabeth Limbach
281 It Takes A Tribe: STS9
282 Fall Fashion Trends Christa Martin and Leslie Patrick
283 Meet the Bouncers J.D. Ramey
284 Spine Time Leslie Patrick
285 Restorative Justice John Malkin
286 {second} Night Life J.D. Ramey
287 Mid-Summer Reads GTWebmaster
288 More Than Numbers Elizabeth Limbach
289 2012 Damon Orion
290 Q & A Water Ways Amy Coombs
291 The Taoist Way Leslie Patrick
292 ECO Patriots GTWebmaster
293 Tracking the Trade of Rare Meat Amy Coombs
294 Wheel Power Karen Kefauver
295 Take 9 GTWebmaster
296 Best of Santa Cruz 2010 GTWebmaster
297 The Best of Santa Cruz County GTWebmaster
298 Our Ocean Sanctuary Tom Honig
299 Eating for the Environment Elizabeth Limbach
300 From Here to Haiti
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Panel Discussion

After 39 years in business, the owner of Santa Cruz’s Atlantis Fantasyworld looks back at how comics have evolved


Passion Week, Eclipse, Full Moon, Aries Festival, Passover and Easter

We have entered a most important week of multiple festivals. Three ages and religious festivals—stages for humanity’s development—are occurring simultaneously. Aries (Age of Laws), Pisces (Age of Faith), and Aquarian (Age of Science and Humanity); Jewish, Christian/Catholic and Esoteric teachings. The first of the three Spring Festivals occurs Saturday along with the full moon, a total lunar eclipse (something in form and matter has come to an end, its usefulness completed). It’s also Passover, celebrating the passage from the Taurus to the Aries Age, symbolized by the Hebrew people’s walk of 40 years from Egypt through the Sinai Desert to Canaan (land of milk and honey), culminating with Moses receiving the 10 Commandments—laws that directed humanity through the Aries Age. Passover celebrates their safe passage out of Egypt, “the Angel passing over the Jewish homes, safeguarding their first born.” The Aries Festival (first of three Spring Festivals—Aries, Taurus, Gemini) celebrates the love of God. Accompanying the Aries light (light of life itself) are the forces of restoration (restoring humanity’s hope) and the spirit of resurrection (uplifting humanity in need of new education, resources, direction and guidance). Guidance to be given by the New Group of World Servers. Saturday’s solar Aries festival (at the full moon lunar eclipse) is celebrated by the New Group of World Servers worldwide. Join us everyone. Sunday is Easter, celebrated by humanity worldwide. The three religious festivals arriving simultaneously signal that the coming new world religion is at hand, a synthesis and integration of all religions. We stand with our brothers and sisters everywhere in celebration. We see what is no longer needed—that which created separations between us—disappear. We stand forward together in the new light, with the spirit of resurrection directing us. Hosanna!


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Let’s Get Wrecked

Unsung ’60s musicians score in pop doc ‘The Wrecking Crew’
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Wheat Will Rock You

Companion Bakeshop scores again with Ryan Roseman’s harvest


What’s the best/worst April Fools’ Day prank you’ve ever heard?

This girl in my seventh grade class convinced our entire Christian school that she had cancer. Everybody started praying for her and stopped all the classes. At the end of the day she let everybody know it was an April Fools’ joke. Zach Scotton, Santa Cruz, Retail Manager


Odonata Wines

Easter is coming up this weekend, the perfect excuse to treat yourself and your loved ones to a little bit of bubbly with Easter brunch—and a special bubbly at that.


Ella’s at the Airport

Tiffany Ella King on her new fine dining restaurant in Watsonville