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Jul 01st
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51 How Now, Art Cow Jacob Pierce
52 Throwing It All Away Brad Kava
53 Force of Nature Anne-Marie Harrison
54 Thinning Edge Brad Kava, Wendy Mayer-Lochtefeld
55 Leaps of Faith Steve Palopoli
56 Too Soon? Brendan D. Bane, Maria Grusauskas, Anne-Marie Harrison, Steve Palopoli, Jacob Pierce, Aric Sleeper
57 Dancing In the Rain Geoffrey Dunn
58 Is This a Dream? Maria Grusauskas
59 Stocking Stuffers Anne-Marie Harrison
60 Who Gives? Aric Sleeper
61 Good Times Holiday Giving STEVE PALOPOLI, Anne-Marie Harrison, Jacob Pierce, Maria Grusauskas, Aric Sleeper
62 Pop Life Brendan D. Bane, Christina Waters, Jennifer Wadsworth, Martino Digiovanni, Wendy Mayer-Lochtefeld
63 View Reviewed Steve Palopoli
64 The F Word Anne-Marie Harrison
65 Jawing Maria Grusauskas
66 Santa Cruz Restaurant Week Brendan D. Bane, Aaron Carnes, Anne-Marie Harrison, Maria Grusauskas, Steve Palopoli, Jacob Pierce, June Smith, Christina Waters
67 Field Work Christina Waters
68 Blue Angel Sara Cannon
69 On the Waterfront Geoffrey Dunn
70 Reflecting Glass John Malkin
71 Catwalk on the Wild Side Anne-Marie Harrison
72 Watch List Yasha Levine
73 Drawing Us Together Christina Waters
74 Back to Silicon Beach Aric Sleeper
75 Trending Now Anne-Marie Harrison
76 Say Uncle Sven Davis
77 Party Animal Georgia Perry
78 Picture of Health Maria Grusauskas
79 The Maestra Returns Christina Waters
80 Static Age Steve Palopoli
81 Weird that Works Liza Monroy, Anne-Marie Harrison
82 What Smells? Science! Hanae Armitage, Anne-Marie Harrison, Maria Grusauskas
83 Re-thinking the Future of Santa Cruz Aric Sleeper
84 The Comedy Renaissance DNA and Jacob Pierce
85 The End is Coming Sven Davis
86 The Player Christina Waters
87 Picnics & Politics Cat Johnson and Jacob Pierce
88 What’s Next for the NEXTIES? Steve Palopoli, Georgia Perry, Jacob Pierce
89 American Music Geoffrey Dunn
90 A Long Way from Opportunity Georgia Perry
91 Control Issues John Malkin
92 Best of Santa Cruz County 2014 GT_Staff
93 Best of Santa Cruz The Rest GT_Staff
94 Best of Santa Cruz Arts and Entertainment GT_Staff
95 Best of Santa Cruz Food and Drink GT_Staff
96 Best of Santa Cruz Health and Fitness GT_Staff
97 Best of Santa Cruz Shops GT_Staff
98 Best of Santa Cruz Critics' Picks GT_Staff
99 Best of Santa Cruz Pros GT_Staff
100 Growing Hope Elizabeth Limbach
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I Was a Teenage Deadhead

Memories of life on tour, plus the truth about that legendary Santa Cruz Acid Test


I Build a Lighted House and Therein Dwell

Wednesday, June 24, Chiron turns stationary retrograde (we turn inward) at 21.33 degrees Pisces. We usually speak of “retrograde” when referring to Mercury. But all planets retrograde. Next month in July, Venus retrogrades. What is Chiron retrograde? Chiron represents the wound within all of us. Wounds have purpose. They sensitize us; make us aware of pain and suffering. Through our wounds we develop compassion. Through compassion we become whole (holy) again. Chiron helps develop these states of consciousness. Everyone carries a wound. Everyone carries family wounds (family astrology tracks the astrological “DNA” through generations). Chiron wounds are deep within. We’re often not aware of them until Chiron retrogrades. Then the wounds (through pain, hurt, sadness, suffering) become apparent. They seem to break us open emotionally, psychologically. Painful events from the past are remembered. They are brought to the present for healing. Through experiencing, talking about and deeply feeling what is hurting us, healing takes place. We begin to understand and bring healing to others. All week, Jupiter and Venus move closer together in the sky. They meet in Leo at the full moon, Cancer solar festival, on Wednesday, July 1. The Cancer keynote is, “I build a lighted house and therein dwell.” The soul’s light has finally penetrated the “womb” of matter. The New Group of World Servers is to radiate this light. At the end of each sign are keywords to use and remember during the Chiron retrograde.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Film, Times & Events: Week of June 26

Santa Cruz area movie theaters >
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Kickin' Chicken

Local kitchen alchemist Justin Williams is fast becoming a cult flavor master. His late-night wizardry, which began last fall delivering mainly to starving UCSC students, is catching on with taste buds beyond campus. Kickin’ Chicken delivers its spicy-sweet fried chicken and waffles to Westside residents between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. nightly. Or you can catch him and his brother and sister, Candice and Danny Mendoza, serving it up at their “Sunday Mass” at the Santa Cruz Food Lounge at 1001 Center St. in Santa Cruz. Using sous vide, a French method of cooking chicken in a water bath at a tightly controlled temperature, they then flash fry it for an amazingly crispy coat. Candice Mendoza spoke to GT about Kickin’ Chicken’s rise.


What’s a creative new approach to addressing summer beach litter?

Robotic dogs, with duct tape on their paws, that walk around picking up litter wherever they go. Joaquin Heinz, Santa Cruz, Barista


Pelican Ranch Winery

The most popular red wines found on store shelves are also those most commonly known, such as Pinot, Zinfandel and Merlot. But when you come across a more unusual varietal, like Pelican Ranch Winery’s Cinsault ($19), it opens up a whole new world. Cinsault is a grape that can tolerate heat, so it is found in countries with warmer climes such as Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, and France. It’s rare in California but grows well in places like Lodi—Silvaspoons Vineyard in this particular case—where it’s hot and dry. Often used as a blending grape, the silky Cinsault is just fine on its own.


Open Wide

Soif’s soft reboot leads to expanded menu, plus the ‘thinking woman’s ketchup’