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Jan 31st
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51 Orthorexia Andrea Wachter 
52 Compost: Recycling's Last Frontier Elizabeth Limbach
53 The Gen X/Gen Y Generation Gap Ted Rail
54 Hope Amidst Ruin Greg Archer
55 11 Things You Should Know About Steve Martin Greg Archer
56 Water, Water, Water Jessica M. Pasko
57 One Year Later Joel Hersch
58 Bigger, Bolder, Louder Elizabeth Limbach
59 Tales of the Vine Damon Orion
60 Surveillance City? John Malkin
61 Best Shot Greg Archer
62 Big Data Joel Hersch
63 Growing Pains Joel Hersch
64 Back in the Black Aric Sleeper
65 Lunch Time Greg Archer
66 All Booked Up Jenna Brogan
67 Civinomics Rising Joel Hersch
68 The Ladies at Eighty Jessica M. Pasko
69 Community Fund Joel Hersch
70 The Dirty Dozen Sasha Abramsky
71 The Science of Happiness Amy Klein
72 Mountains Were Here Greg Archer
73 Saving Paradise Elizabeth Limbach
74 Infected Jenna Brogan
75 GLOW Joel Hersch
76 George Ow’s Chinatown Geoffrey Dunn
77 Courage Under Bombs John Malkin
78 Let Them Eat Fashion Greg Archer
79 Blasphemy Greg Archer
80 Gangaji John Malkin
81 Finding Freedom in Prison DNA
82 Santa Cruz Is in the Heart Gloria Nieto
83 The Napolitano Complex Joel Hersch
84 Wild About Willie Greg Archer
85 Soul Man Damon Orion
86 A Recipe for a Brighter Future Elizabeth Limbach
87 The Fashion Issue 2013 Leslie Patrick
88 Shakespeare-ing Things Up April M. Short
89 The Summer of Sound Jenna Brogan
90 Stripping Down Joel Hersch
91 Budding Artist J.D. Ramey
92 Silent Dilemma Andrea Wachter
93 CYNDI Greg Archer
94 The Plug Bug & Corbin Dunn Joel Hersch
95 Out on a Limb Elizabeth Limbach
96 Free Angela Greg Archer
97 Beck to the Future Damon Orion
98 Spirit Weavers Geoffrey Dunn
99 Knowing the NEXTies Jenna Brogan
100 Best of Santa Cruz County GT_Staff
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Throwing It All Away

Everybody’s for recycling, right? So why are we all doing it wrong? Our reporter gets down and dirty to uncover 10 secrets that will finally make the recycling process make sense


Aquarius Calling, Humanity Rising

Aquarius (11th sign after Aries) is the sign of service—serving one another, building community. Aquarius is fixed air, stabilizing new ideas in the world. When new ideas reach the masses the ideas become ideals within the hearts and minds of humanity. Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are mental. They think, ponder, study, research, gather and distribute information. For air signs, education and learning, communicating, writing, being social, tending to money, participating in groups and creating sustainable communities are most important. One of the present messages Aquarius is putting forth to the New Group of World Servers is the creation of the New Education (thus thinking) for humanity—one based not on commodities (banking/corporate values) but on virtues. Humanity and Aquarius Aquarius is the sign of humanity itself. We are now at the beginnings of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Humanity (rising). The “rising” is the Aquarian vision of equality, unity, the distribution and sharing of all resources and of individual (Leo) creative gifts for the purpose of humanity’s (Aquarius) uplifting. This is the message in the Solar Festival of Aquarius (at the full moon) on Tuesday, Feb. 3. We join in these visions by reciting the World Prayer of Direction, the Great Invocation.Tuesday’s solar festival follows Monday’s Groundhog Day, or Imbolc (ancient Celtic fire festival) the halfway mark between winter solstice and spring Equinox). The New Group of World Servers (NGWS) during these two days are preparing for the upcoming Three Spring Solar Festivals: 1. Aries Resurrection/Easter Festival (April); 2. Taurus Buddha/Wesak Festival (May); and 3. Gemini’s Festival of Humanity (June). Aquarius and the new and full moons together are the primary astrological influences behind all of humanity’s endeavors. The NGWS are to teach these things, calling and uplifting humanity. Join us everyone. (301)


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Job Insecurity

Woman fights for her job in thoughtful, life-sized ‘Two Days One Night’
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Why quick and friendly service matters at a local diner.


If you didn't live in Santa Cruz, where would you be living?

I would live in Kauai because the water is warmer, and I just love it there. Maureen Niehaus, Santa Cruz, Dental Assistant


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