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Sep 04th
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1 You Are What You Post Madeleine Turner
2 The Meaning of ‘LIFE’ Steve Palopoli
3 Down and Derby Anne-Marie Harrison
4 Lethal Curves Brad Kava
5 Magnitudes of Crisis Jacob Pierce
6 Randall Grahm Reloaded Christina Waters
7 Silver Mettle June Smith
8 Body of Secrets Maria Grusauskas
9 Flow Motion Andrew Steingrube
10 Health Screening Cat Johnson
11 The Binding of Edmund McMillen Sam Working
12 Polishing a Jewel Roseann Hernandez
13 Youth in Re-volt Cat Johnson
14 Two Dollars a Day Maria Grusauskas
15 The Only Way is Up Micayela Konviser
16 Green Healing Cat Johnson
17 The Boards Are Back in Town Geoffrey Dunn & Kim Stoner
18 I Was a Teenage Deadhead DNA
19 Shock Value Steve Palopoli
20 Golden State Psycho Geoffrey Dunn
21 Santa Cruz Squared Cat Johnson
22 Ocean Odyssey Maria Grusauskas
23 Gate Openers Cat Johnson
24 Beyond the Blues Brad Kava
25 Who’s Nextie? Steve Palopoli
26 Andrea Mollenauer BRAD KAVA
29 Coffee Zombie Collective STEVE PALOPOLI
30 Martijn Stiphout Amanda Edwards
31 Courtney Laschkewitsch AARON CARNES
32 Zines 2.0 Elise Granata
33 An Excerpt from 'Speak Out' Anonymous
34 In Black and White Anne-Marie Harrison
35 Mountain Mystic Georgia Perry
36 Nothing but Good Times Dan Pulcrano
37 Forty Years of Good Times Jeanne Howard
38 Searching for Alternatives Michael S. Gant
39 Dazed, But Not Confused Geoffrey Dunn
40 Identity Shift Cat Johnson
41 A History of Her Stories Anne-Marie Harrison
42 A Palate Refined Christina Waters
43 Booting Up Sara Isenberg
44 A Few UCSC Facts Wendy Mayer-Lochtefeld
45 We Can Rebuild You Mike Connor
46 Smells Like Team Spirit Steve Palopoli
47 North By Wild West Brad Kava
48 Panel Discussion Aaron Carnes
49 Critical Mask Richard von Busack
50 Best of Santa Cruz 2015 GT_Staff
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You Are What You Post

Online personality algorithms put astrological profiles to shame, but UCSC psychologists are raising questions about sharing personal data


Venus Direct, Mercury Retro Soon, Honoring Our Labors

As Burning Man (nine days, Aug. 30-Sept. 7 in the sign of Virgo) burns in the hot white desert sands, a petal of the rose created by retrograde Venus and the twelve-petaled Sun in Virgo’s petals unfold. All of us are on the burning ground (Leo) in the womb (cave of the heart) of the mother (Virgo), gestating for humanity once again (each year) a new state of consciousness. Both Virgo and Cancer, feminine (receptive energies) signs, are from our last solar system (Pleiades). When humanity first appeared on Earth we were nurtured by the mother, a matriarchy of energies (on islands in the Pacific). Eve, Isis and Mary are part of the lineages of our ancient Mother. Overseen by the Pleiades, the Earth (matter, mater, the mother) in that last solar system was imbued with intelligence (Ray 3). As we move toward autumn, another mother, Ceres realizes she has mere weeks left with her beloved daughter, Persephone. Persimmon and pomegranate trees prepare for autumn, their colors signs of hope as the light each day continues to dim. Sunday, Venus in Leo turns stationary direct, yet continues in her shadow until Oct. 9 (when retrograde Mercury turns direct). Slowly our newly assessed values emerge from the Venus retrograde. We thought in Venus retro how to use our resources more effectively. Mercury retrogrades Sept. 17. Monday is Labor Day. Let us honor the labor of everyone, all life a “labor.” Let us honor Labor Day and all those who have “served” (labored for) us this past year. We honor their labors. We honor the labor of our parents, those who have loved us. We honor our own labors, too. We are all in service, we are all laboring. We are all valuable.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Girl Gone Wild

’70s SF recalled in raw, poignant ‘Diary of a Teenage Girl’
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Sushi Garden

Local sushi empire expands to Scotts Valley


Do you overshare online?

I don’t think so. I just post things about my life, like successful things. Sometimes I just like sharing different news that I find interesting, or favorite artists, clothes, music. I like to post photos. Natalia Delgado, Santa Cruz, Server


McIntyre Vineyards

I recently met up with three friends for dinner at Sanderlings at Seascape Beach Resort. We chose to eat outside so we could watch the sun set over the ocean, but the Aptos fog rolled in and swallowed it up.


Sustainable Supper

The Homeless Garden Project’s Sustain Supper series supports its award-winning programs