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Oct 04th
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101 Static Age Steve Palopoli
102 Weird that Works Liza Monroy, Anne-Marie Harrison
103 What Smells? Science! Hanae Armitage, Anne-Marie Harrison, Maria Grusauskas
104 Re-thinking the Future of Santa Cruz Aric Sleeper
105 The Comedy Renaissance DNA and Jacob Pierce
106 The End is Coming Sven Davis
107 The Player Christina Waters
108 Picnics & Politics Cat Johnson and Jacob Pierce
109 What’s Next for the NEXTIES? Steve Palopoli, Georgia Perry, Jacob Pierce
110 American Music Geoffrey Dunn
111 A Long Way from Opportunity Georgia Perry
112 Control Issues John Malkin
113 Best of Santa Cruz County 2014 GT_Staff
114 Best of Santa Cruz The Rest GT_Staff
115 Best of Santa Cruz Arts and Entertainment GT_Staff
116 Best of Santa Cruz Food and Drink GT_Staff
117 Best of Santa Cruz Health and Fitness GT_Staff
118 Best of Santa Cruz Shops GT_Staff
119 Best of Santa Cruz Critics' Picks GT_Staff
120 Best of Santa Cruz Pros GT_Staff
121 Growing Hope Elizabeth Limbach
122 Printer's Devil Geoffrey Dunn and Christina Waters
123 Orthorexia Andrea Wachter 
124 Compost: Recycling's Last Frontier Elizabeth Limbach
125 The Gen X/Gen Y Generation Gap Ted Rail
126 Hope Amidst Ruin Greg Archer
127 11 Things You Should Know About Steve Martin Greg Archer
128 Water, Water, Water Jessica M. Pasko
129 One Year Later Joel Hersch
130 Bigger, Bolder, Louder Elizabeth Limbach
131 Tales of the Vine Damon Orion
132 Surveillance City? John Malkin
133 Best Shot Greg Archer
134 Big Data Joel Hersch
135 Growing Pains Joel Hersch
136 Back in the Black Aric Sleeper
137 Lunch Time Greg Archer
138 All Booked Up Jenna Brogan
139 Civinomics Rising Joel Hersch
140 The Ladies at Eighty Jessica M. Pasko
141 Community Fund Joel Hersch
142 The Dirty Dozen Sasha Abramsky
143 The Science of Happiness Amy Klein
144 Mountains Were Here Greg Archer
145 Saving Paradise Elizabeth Limbach
146 Infected Jenna Brogan
147 GLOW Joel Hersch
148 George Ow’s Chinatown Geoffrey Dunn
149 Courage Under Bombs John Malkin
150 Let Them Eat Fashion Greg Archer
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Making a Scene

As it celebrates its 30th year, Santa Cruz County’s Open Studios is one of the most successful in the country—and a make-or-break event for many local artists


A Ritual & Initiation

The Pope has come and gone, but his loving presence ignited new hope and goodness in many. While he was in NYC, China’s ruler arrived in Washington D.C. East (China) and West (Rome), meeting in the middle, under Libra, balancing sign of Right Relations. The Pope arrived at Fall Equinox. Things initiated at Fall Equinox are birthed at Winter Solstice. The Pope’s presence was a ritual, an initiation rite—like the Dalai Lama’s visits—offering prayers, teachings and blessings. Rituals anchor God’s plan into the world, initiating us to new realities, new rules. The Pope’s presence brings forth the Soul of the United States, its light piercing the veils of materialism. The Pope’s visit changed things. New questions arise, new reasons for living. A new wave of emerging life fills the air. Like a cocoon shifting, wings becoming visible. The winds are different now. Calling us to higher vision, moral values, virtues that reaffirm and offer hope for humanity. A changing of the guard has occurred. Appropriately, this is the week of the Jewish Festival of Sukkoth (’til Oct. 4), when we build temporary homes (little huts in nature), entering into a harvest of prayer and thanksgiving, understanding our fragile and impermanent existences. We are summoned to reflect upon our lives, our humanity, our nature, our spirit and each other. Offering gratitude, becoming a magnet for others. We observe. We see the needs. We love more.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Film, Times & Events: Week of October 2

Santa Cruz area movie theaters >
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Extra Pop

Assembly’s pop-up space goes into regular rotation, Cabrillo wine dinner, and a visit to Mozaic


What’s your biggest pet peeve?

When people say they’re “going down” somewhere, and they’re actually traveling north. Julia Ragen, Santa Cruz, Psychologist


Downhill Cellars

An easy-drinking Chardonnay from Downhill Cellars


If whales have a message for humans, what might it be?

“Do not come in the water and join us.” Howard Hall, Santa Cruz, Retired