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Aug 03rd
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201 The Art of Awareness Damon Orion
202 Putting the "U" Back in Tourist Kim Luke
203 Santa Cruz Was In His Heart Geoffrey Dunn
204 Quantum Fashion Greg Archer
205 The Fate of Organics Elizabeth Limbach
206 Mi Vida Loca Jenna Brogan
207 Let’s Hear it for the Girls Jenna Brogan
208 Game Face Greg Archer
209 Finding Hope in Harvest April M. Short
210 Fringe Kim Luke
211 The Boardwalk Empire Geofrey Dunn
212 The Marvels Around Us Geoffrey Dunn
213 Jonathan Franzen Greg Archer
214 Beyond Black Rock City Elizabeth Limbach
215 Top Chef Jenna Brogan
216 Summering Kim Luke
217 Green Pages GT_Staff
218 Santa Cruz Film Festival Greg Archer
219 The Cannabis Couple J.D. RAmey
220 The 2012 Santa Cruz County Readers' Poll GT_Staff
221 Best Shops GT_Staff
222 Best Food and Drink GT_Staff
223 Best Arts & Entertainment GT_Staff
224 Best Health & Fitness GT_Staff
225 Best Professionals GT_Staff
226 Best of the Rest GT_Staff
227 Marley Greg Archer
228 Occupied John Malkin
229 The Battle at the Plate Elizabeth Limbach
230 My, What a Big Whereas You Have! Kim Luke
231 The Plant Whisperer April M. Short
232 Pioneer Women Elizabeth Limbach
233 Ready to Thrive Greg Archer
234 Coffee Talk Christa Martin
235 2012 Health Issue GT_Staff
236 Finding Grace Jenna Brogan
237 Metamorphosis April M. Short
238 Dead Men Rocking Damon Orion
239 Wedding Edition April M. Short
240 Knowing the Nexties GT_Staff
241 Chris Rene Jenna Brogan
242 Music HEALS! Jenna Brogan
243 Santa’s Performance Review Sven Davis
244 Tradition for the Non-Traditional Kim Luke
245 Water Divide Elizabeth Limbach
246 The Mayors: Outgoing & Incoming Geoffrey Dunn
247 Byting the Apple James D. Houston
248 Community Fund GT_Staff
249 The Durbinator Damon Orion
250 418 Turns 18 Jenna Brogan
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Health Screening

Santa Cruz wellness expert releases app to improve workplace well-being


Leo Sun; Full Moon, Venus Retro in Leo; Saturn Direct

It’s a complex week of planetary movements, challenges, demands and callings. We’re in the time of the Leo Sun. Leo—fixed fire, gold, the heart, generous, strong, noble, the king/queen—needs appreciation and praise from everyone in order to move forward. During Leo we gain a greater sense of self-identification by recognizing our creativity. It’s therefore a perfect time for Venus retrograding in Leo. In Venus retrograde we review and re-assess values. Venus retro in Leo concerns our self as valuable, acknowledging talents, gifts, abilities and offerings. Friday, Venus re-enters Leo (29 degrees, a critical degree) continuing the retrograde to 14 degrees Leo on Sept. 6. Friday (Full Moon) is also the (8 degrees) Leo solar festival, Festival of the Future. Leo is the heart of the sun, the heart of all that matters. When attuned to this heart, we have understanding and inclusivity. The heart of the Lion is Mitra (think “Maitreya,” the coming World Teacher). Leo prepares humanity to receive divine love from subtle sources and later to radiate that love to the kingdoms. Sirius, Ray 2, where love originates, streams through Regulus (heart of Leo), into the heart of the sun (Ray 2) and into all hearts. The heart of Leo is Regulus. Joining Venus, the love underlying all of creation appears. Saturday is Sun/Neptune (confusion or devotion) with late night Saturn turning stationary direct. Ideas, plans and structures held long in abeyance (since March 14) slowly move forward. (Read more on Leo and the week at and Risa D’Angeles’ Facebook page, accessed through my website.)


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Film, Times & Events: Week of July 31

Santa Cruz area movie theaters >
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Holy Cannoli

New bakery opens in Ben Lomond, plus Randall Grahm’s quest to grow 10,000 new grape varieties, and Mexican cooking classes


Is Santa Cruz turning into Malibu North?

It's got a ways to go before it gets wrecked like Malibu, but I think we need to be very careful about growth. Maria Mattioli, Santa Cruz, Psychotherapist


Bargetto Winery

A much-anticipated annual event at Bargetto Winery is the release of their very special La Vita red wine. June 7 was the day to be heralded this year, and I happily squeezed my car into their overloaded car park in eager anticipation of tasting the new La Vita nectar.



Popular Capitola spot gets new owner and complete makeover