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Mar 30th
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251 Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit Kim Luke
252 Health + Fitness GT_Staff
253 Making the Homeless Count Elizabeth Limbach
254 In Search of Charlie Chan Geoffrey Dunn
255 Great Shot Christa Martin
256 And The Nextie Goes To
257 Heal Thyself Kim Luke
258 The Tiki King J. D. Ramey
259 Year in Review Kim Luke
260 The Holiday Spirit J.D. Ramey
261 Smells Like Teen Spirit
262 In the Field Tom Honig
263 The Forgotten Epidemic Joseph Eliott
264 Community Fund GTWebmaster
265 Bill Says the Darnedest Things Damon Orion
266 Baseball By The Beach Randall Brown
267 Morton Marcus Lives On GTWebmaster
268 Food & Wine GTWebmaster
269 In School & War Elizabeth Limbach
270 Get Loopy
271 Art & Soul GTWebmaster
272 Full Stream Ahead Jenna Brogan
273 Fall Home & Garden GTWebmaster
274 esalen Greg Archer
275 Everything’s ZEN Damon Orion
276 Journeys with Geneen Greg Archer
277 I Gotta Feeling Damon Orion
278 Garbage Patch Kids Elizabeth Limbach
279 It Takes A Tribe: STS9
280 Fall Fashion Trends Christa Martin and Leslie Patrick
281 Meet the Bouncers J.D. Ramey
282 Spine Time Leslie Patrick
283 Restorative Justice John Malkin
284 {second} Night Life J.D. Ramey
285 Mid-Summer Reads GTWebmaster
286 More Than Numbers Elizabeth Limbach
287 2012 Damon Orion
288 Q & A Water Ways Amy Coombs
289 The Taoist Way Leslie Patrick
290 ECO Patriots GTWebmaster
291 Tracking the Trade of Rare Meat Amy Coombs
292 Wheel Power Karen Kefauver
293 Take 9 GTWebmaster
294 Best of Santa Cruz 2010 GTWebmaster
295 The Best of Santa Cruz County GTWebmaster
296 Our Ocean Sanctuary Tom Honig
297 Eating for the Environment Elizabeth Limbach
298 From Here to Haiti
299 Riders of the Sea Spray By Geoffrey Dunn & Kim Stoner
300 House of Straw Leslie Patrick
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Best of Santa Cruz 2015

In 40 years of publishing, Good Times has seen a lot of “bests.”


Spring Triangle: Three Spring Festivals—Aries, Taurus, Gemini

The Spring signs Aries, Taurus and Gemini constitute a triangle of force that sets the template for the nine signs that follow and the template for the entire year (Spring 2015 - Spring 2016) ahead. Aries initiates new ideas, Taurus stabilizes the new thinking of Aries and Gemini takes the initiating stabilized ideas of Aries/Taurus and disperses them to all of humanity. It is in this way that humanity learns new things, with the help of Mercury, the messenger. As Spring unfolds, three elements emerge: the Fire of Aries (initiating new ideas), the Earth of Taurus (anchoring the ideas of God through Mercury) and the Air of communicating Gemini. These three signs/elements are the Three Spring Festivals. They are the “triangle of force” forming the template (patterns) of energy for the upcoming new year. After these three we then have the soothing, calming, warming, nurturing and tending waters of the mother (Cancer). Cancer initiates our next season under the hot suns of summer. Planets, stars and signs create the Temple of Light directing humanity towards all things new. March 29 is Palm Sunday, when the Christ, World Teacher, was led into Jerusalem (City of Peace) on a donkey (humility). Palms waving above His head, signified recognition of the Christ’s divinity. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before the Easter (Resurrection Festival). Palm Sunday begins Holy Week, the week of capture, imprisonment, passion, sacrifice, crucifixion, death and resurrection of the christ. All events in the Christ’s life represent events (initiations) that humanity experiences through many lifetimes. We turn our attention to these holy events this week. Their concepts portray and reveal to us greater spiritual understanding. Then, Aries, the “light of life itself” shines through us.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Best of Santa Cruz 2015 Editor's Picks

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Spring Spirits

Sean Venus’ gin straight up, remembering Rosa’s and a tasting of Hungarian wines


What’s your favorite most recent outdoor discovery in Santa Cruz?

A hike that’s across from Waddell Beach. I didn’t realize you could go across the highway and do a super simple loop, and it’s beautiful. You can see the coastline. Liz Porter, Santa Cruz, Community Outreach


Martin Ranch Winery

Muscat 2012


Front Street Kitchen

Pop-up spot attracts paleo crowd with locally sourced low-carb meals