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May 25th
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251 What’s So Funny? Kim Luke
252 Kyer Wiltshire By J.D. Ramey
253 Harbor Life Caitlin Sullivan
254 Thirty & Thriving Christa Martin
255 The World On My Back Sven Davis
256 Weird is as Weird does Kim Luke
257 Eating for Wellness Elizabeth Limbach
258 Environmental Evolution GT_Staff
259 Rogue Warrior Gloria Nieto
260 the gleeks Jenna Brogan
261 Ruffo's Wild Ride Greg Archer
262 Best Of Santa Cruz 2011 index Greg Archer
263 Best Shops 2011 GT_Staff
264 Best of Best of Food and Drink 2011 GT_Staff
265 Best of A.E. & Nightlife 2011 GT_Staff
266 Best of Best Health & Fitness 2011 GT_Staff
267 Best Professionals 2011 GT_Staff
268 Best of the Rest 2011 GT_Staff
269 Best of Santa Cruz Critics’ Picks GT_Staff
270 dance dance dance Julia Chiapella
271 Altered Statesman Damon Orion
272 Foreclosure Notice Patrick Dwire
273 Grey & Green Sven Davis
274 A Brighter Now Ezra Koch
275 Board Out of His Mind
276 Food & Wine GT_Staff
277 La Bahia Elizabeth Limbach
278 Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit Kim Luke
279 Health + Fitness GT_Staff
280 Making the Homeless Count Elizabeth Limbach
281 In Search of Charlie Chan Geoffrey Dunn
282 Great Shot Christa Martin
283 And The Nextie Goes To
284 Heal Thyself Kim Luke
285 The Tiki King J. D. Ramey
286 Year in Review Kim Luke
287 The Holiday Spirit J.D. Ramey
288 Smells Like Teen Spirit
289 In the Field Tom Honig
290 The Forgotten Epidemic Joseph Eliott
291 Community Fund GTWebmaster
292 Bill Says the Darnedest Things Damon Orion
293 Baseball By The Beach Randall Brown
294 Morton Marcus Lives On GTWebmaster
295 Food & Wine GTWebmaster
296 In School & War Elizabeth Limbach
297 Get Loopy
298 Art & Soul GTWebmaster
299 Full Stream Ahead Jenna Brogan
300 Fall Home & Garden GTWebmaster
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Gate Openers

Up-and-coming artists like Ryan Bingham are a great reason to show up early to the Santa Cruz American Music Festival


Gemini Sun, Pentecost, Shavuot—Enlightenment and Gladness

As the sun enters Gemini on Sunday, sign of speaking, communication, thinking, inter-relations, writing and understanding languages, the feast days of Pentecost & Shavuot (Catholic and Jewish festivals) occur. During Pentecost’s 50 days after Easter, tongues of fire appear above the heads of the disciples, providing them with the ability to understand all languages and all feelings hidden in the minds and hearts of humanity. It’s recorded that Pentecost began with a loud noise, which happened in an upper room (signifying the mind). The Christ (World Teacher) told his disciples (after his ascension) when encountering a man at a well carrying a water pot (signs for Age of Aquarius) to follow him to an upper room. There, the Holy Spirit (Ray 3 of Divine Intelligence) would overshadow them, expand their minds, give them courage and enable them to teach throughout the world, speaking all languages and thus able to minister to the true needs of a “seeking” humanity. Pentecost (50 days, pentagram, Ray 5, Venus, concrete and scientific knowledge, the Ray of Aquarius) sounds dramatic, impressive and scary: The loud noise, a thunderous rush of wind and then “tongues of fire” above the heads of each disciple (men and women). Fire has purpose. It purifies, disintegrates, purges, transforms and liberates (frees) us from the past. This was the Holy Spirit (Ray 3, love and wisdom) being received by the disciples, so they would teach in the world and inform humanity of the Messiah (Christ), who initiated the new age (Pisces) and gave humanity the new law (adding to the 10 Commandments of the Aries Age) to Love (Ray 2) one another. Note: Gemini is also Ray 2. Shavuot is the Jewish Festival of Gladness, the First Fruits Festival celebrating the giving of the 10 Commandments to Moses as the Aries Age was initiated. Thus, we have two developmental stages here, Jewish festival of the Old Testament. Pentecost of the New Testament. We have gladness, integrating both.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Off Her Meds

Kristin Wiig runs wild—and transcends her sketch comedy roots—as a truly strange character ‘Welcome to Me’
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Flats Bistro

Pizza with an artisan twist comes to Aptos Beach


What’s your take on Santa Cruz locals?

Santa Cruz locals are really friendly once you know them. I think a lot of them have a hard time leaving, and I would too. Ryan Carle, Santa Cruz, Biologist


Soquel Vineyards

If Soquel Vineyards partners Peter and Paul Bargetto and Jon Morgan were walking down the street wearing their winning wine competition medals, you’d hear them coming from a mile away. This year was particularly rewarding for the Bargettos and Morgan—they won two Double Gold Medals and five Gold Medals at January’s San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.


Enlightened Flavors

Squash & Blossom’s artisanal alternative-flour delights, beet kvass from Cafe Ivéta, and the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival