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Jan 28th
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51 Compost: Recycling's Last Frontier Elizabeth Limbach
52 The Gen X/Gen Y Generation Gap Ted Rail
53 Hope Amidst Ruin Greg Archer
54 11 Things You Should Know About Steve Martin Greg Archer
55 Water, Water, Water Jessica M. Pasko
56 One Year Later Joel Hersch
57 Bigger, Bolder, Louder Elizabeth Limbach
58 Tales of the Vine Damon Orion
59 Surveillance City? John Malkin
60 Best Shot Greg Archer
61 Big Data Joel Hersch
62 Growing Pains Joel Hersch
63 Back in the Black Aric Sleeper
64 Lunch Time Greg Archer
65 All Booked Up Jenna Brogan
66 Civinomics Rising Joel Hersch
67 The Ladies at Eighty Jessica M. Pasko
68 Community Fund Joel Hersch
69 The Dirty Dozen Sasha Abramsky
70 The Science of Happiness Amy Klein
71 Mountains Were Here Greg Archer
72 Saving Paradise Elizabeth Limbach
73 Infected Jenna Brogan
74 GLOW Joel Hersch
75 George Ow’s Chinatown Geoffrey Dunn
76 Courage Under Bombs John Malkin
77 Let Them Eat Fashion Greg Archer
78 Blasphemy Greg Archer
79 Gangaji John Malkin
80 Finding Freedom in Prison DNA
81 Santa Cruz Is in the Heart Gloria Nieto
82 The Napolitano Complex Joel Hersch
83 Wild About Willie Greg Archer
84 Soul Man Damon Orion
85 A Recipe for a Brighter Future Elizabeth Limbach
86 The Fashion Issue 2013 Leslie Patrick
87 Shakespeare-ing Things Up April M. Short
88 The Summer of Sound Jenna Brogan
89 Stripping Down Joel Hersch
90 Budding Artist J.D. Ramey
91 Silent Dilemma Andrea Wachter
92 CYNDI Greg Archer
93 The Plug Bug & Corbin Dunn Joel Hersch
94 Out on a Limb Elizabeth Limbach
95 Free Angela Greg Archer
96 Beck to the Future Damon Orion
97 Spirit Weavers Geoffrey Dunn
98 Knowing the NEXTies Jenna Brogan
99 Best of Santa Cruz County GT_Staff
100 Best Shops GT_Staff
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Force of Nature

Santa Cruz’s Carlie Statsky brings her love of the natural world to the hyper-personal art of wedding photography


Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

The magical time of Mercury’s retrograde cycle is here once again, until Feb. 11, and then some. The Mercury retro cycle actually lasts eight weeks when we consider its retrograde shadow, giving us six months a year for review. We know the rules of Mercury retro: Be careful with everything; cars, driving, money, resources, friends, friendships, groups, interactions, thinking, talking, communications. Avoid big purchases, important meetings and important repairs. Mercury retrograde times are for review, reassessment and rest. Our minds are overloaded from the last Mercury retro. Our minds need to assess what we’ve done since October—eliminating what is not needed, keeping what’s important, preparing for new information in the next three months (till mid-May). Mercury in Aquarius retrograde … we reinvent ourselves, seek the unusual, we don’t hide, we’re just careful. We live in two worlds; outer appearances and inner reckonings, with both sides of our brain activated. Yet, like the light of the Gemini twins, one light waxes (inner world), the other (outer realities) wanes. Like Virgo, we see what’s been overlooked—assessing, ordering and organizing information. It’s an entirely inner process. When speaking we may utter only half of the sentence. We’re in the underworld, closer to Spirit, eyes unseeing, senses alerted, re-doing things over and over till we sometimes collapse. Because we’re in other realms, we’re wobbly, make mistakes, and don’t really know what we want. It’s not a time for decisions. Not yet. It’s a time of review. And completing things. Mercury retro: integration, slowing down, resolution, rapprochement.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Film, Times & Events: Week of January 23

Santa Cruz area movie theaters >
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Bye Bye Benten!

Benten closing, plus Award-winning gin, a massive burrito and chocolate review


Trout Gulch Vineyards

Scanning the shelves of Deluxe Foods of Aptos, which carries an impressive selection of local and imported wines, I picked up a bottle of Trout Gulch Vineyards Chardonnay 2012, described as “a local favorite” by the busy market.


Cremer House

What’s old is cutting-edge again in Felton


How are you going to make a tangible difference in your community this year?

Spread more kindness and compassion.