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Aug 30th
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1 Visitor Guide GT_Staff
2 Home & Garden Magazine 2015 GT_Staff
3 Senior Project GT_Staff
4 Holiday Gift Guide GT_Staff
5 Dilated Pupil GT_Staff
6 Good Times 55+ GT_Staff
7 Santa Cruz Visitor Guide GT_Staff
8 Home and Garden 2014 GT_Staff
9 Food & Wine Spring 2014 Josh Becker
10 Good Times 55+ GT_Staff
11 Holiday Gift Guide 2013 GT_Staff
12 Food & Wine Fall 2013 GT_Staff
13 Dilated Pupil Student Guide GT_Staff
14 Good Times 55+ GT_Staff
15 Santa Cruz Visitor Guide '13 GT_Staff
16 GT Active GT_Staff
17 Food & Wine Spring 2013 GT_Staff
18 2013 Bridal Expo GT_Staff
19 Holiday Gift Guide GT_Staff
20 Dilated Pupil Student Guide GT_Staff
21 Santa Cruz Visitor Guide GT_Staff
22 Amgen Tour of California Guide GT_Staff
23 GT Active GT_Staff
24 Food & Wine GT_Staff
25 Bridal Expo GT_Staff
26 A Taste of Santa Cruz GT_Staff
27 GTActive GT_Staff
28 Home & Garden Expo 2011 GT_Staff
29 2011 Bridal Expo GT_Staff
30 AMGEN Tour of California Stage 3 GTWebmaster
31 35 Years Later, the ‘Times’ Are Still GOOD Greg Archer
32 Central Coast Home & Garden Expo 2010 GTWebmaster
33 Commute Solutions Kim Wein
34 Bridal Expo & Good Times guide to wedding planning GTWebmaster

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The Meaning of ‘LIFE’

With a new documentary film about his work, and huge exhibits on both coasts, acclaimed Santa Cruz nature photographer Frans Lanting is having a landmark year. But his crusade for conservation doesn’t leave much time for looking back


Seasons of Opportunity

Everything in our world has a specific time (a season) in which to accomplish a specific work—a “season” that begins (opportunity) and ends (time’s up). I can feel the season is changing. The leaves turning colors, the air cooler, sunbeams casting shadows in different places. It feels like a seasonal change has begun in the northern hemisphere. Christmas is in four months, and 2015 is swiftly speeding by. Soon it will be autumn and time for the many Festivals of Light. Each season offers new opportunities. Then the season ends and new seasons take its place. Humanity, too, is given “seasons” of opportunity. We are in one of those opportunities now, to bring something new (Uranus) into our world, especially in the United States. Times of opportunity can be seen in the astrology chart. In the U.S. chart, Uranus (change) joins Chiron (wound/healing). This symbolizes a need to heal the wounds of humanity. Uranus offers new archetypes, new ways of doing things. The Uranus/Chiron (Aries/Pisces) message is, “The people of the U.S. are suffering. New actions are needed to bring healing and well-being to humanity. So the U.S. can fulfill its spiritual task of standing within the light and leading humanity within and toward the light.” Thursday, Aquarius Moon, Mercury enters Libra. The message, “To bring forth the new order in the world, begin with acts of Goodwill.” Goodwill produces right relations with everyone and everything. The result is a world of progressive well-being and peacefulness (which is neither passive nor the opposite of war). Saturday is the full moon, the solar light of Virgo streaming into the Earth. Our waiting now begins, for the birth of new light at winter solstice. The mother (hiding the light of the soul, the holy child), identifying the feminine principle, says, “I am the mother and the child. I, God (Father), I Matter (Mother), We are One.”


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Film, Times & Events: Week of August 28

Santa Cruz area movie theaters >
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Land of Plenty

Farm to Fork benefit dinner for UCSC’s Agroecology Center, plus a zippy salsa from Teresa’s Salsa that loves every food it meets


If you knew you had one week to live, what would you do?

Make peace with myself, which would allow me to be at peace with others. Diane Fisher, Santa Cruz, Network Engineer


Comanche Cellars

Michael Simons, owner and winemaker of Comanche Cellars, once had a trusted steed called Comanche, which was part of his paper route and his rodeo circuit, from the tender age of 10. In memory of this beautiful horse, he named his winery Comanche, and Comanche’s shoes grace the label of each handcrafted bottle.


Cantine Winepub

Aptos wine and tapas spot keeps it casual