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Dec 18th
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1 Holiday Gift Guide GT_Staff
2 Dilated Pupil GT_Staff
3 Good Times 55+ GT_Staff
4 Santa Cruz Visitor Guide GT_Staff
5 Home and Garden 2014 GT_Staff
6 Food & Wine Spring 2014 Josh Becker
7 Good Times 55+ GT_Staff
8 Holiday Gift Guide 2013 GT_Staff
9 Food & Wine Fall 2013 GT_Staff
10 Dilated Pupil Student Guide GT_Staff
11 Good Times 55+ GT_Staff
12 Santa Cruz Visitor Guide '13 GT_Staff
13 GT Active GT_Staff
14 Food & Wine Spring 2013 GT_Staff
15 2013 Bridal Expo GT_Staff
16 Holiday Gift Guide GT_Staff
17 Dilated Pupil Student Guide GT_Staff
18 Santa Cruz Visitor Guide GT_Staff
19 Amgen Tour of California Guide GT_Staff
20 GT Active GT_Staff
21 Food & Wine GT_Staff
22 Bridal Expo GT_Staff
23 A Taste of Santa Cruz GT_Staff
24 GTActive GT_Staff
25 Home & Garden Expo 2011 GT_Staff
26 2011 Bridal Expo GT_Staff
27 AMGEN Tour of California Stage 3 GTWebmaster
28 35 Years Later, the ‘Times’ Are Still GOOD Greg Archer
29 Central Coast Home & Garden Expo 2010 GTWebmaster
30 Commute Solutions Kim Wein
31 Bridal Expo & Good Times guide to wedding planning GTWebmaster

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Is This a Dream?

A beginner’s guide to understanding and exploring the uncanny world of lucid dreams


Giving and Giving, Then Giving Some More

2014 is almost over. Wednesday, Dec. 17, the Jewish Festival of Light, Hanukkah, begins. We are in our last week of Sag and last two weeks of December. Sunday, Dec. 21 is winter Solstice, as the sun enters Capricorn (3:30 p.m. for the west coast). Soon after, the Capricorn new moon occurs (5:36 p.m. for the west coast)—the last new moon of 2014. Sunday morning Uranus in Aries (revolution, revelation) is stationary direct (retro since July 22). Uranus/Aries create things new and needed to anchor the new culture and civilization (Aquarius). We will see revolutionary change in 2015. Capricorn new moon, building-the-personality seed thought, is, “Let ambition rule and let the door to initiation and freedom stand wide (open).” Capricorn is a gate—where matter returns to spirit. But the gate is unseen until the Ajna Center (third eye), Diamond Light of Direction, opens. Winter solstice is the longest day of darkness of the year. The sun’s rays resting at the Tropic of Capricorn (southern hemisphere) symbolize the Christ (soul’s) light piercing the heart of the Earth, remaining there for three days, till Holy Night (midnight Thursday morning). Then the sun’s light begins to rise. It is the birth of the new light (holy child) for the world. A deep calm and stillness pervades the world.The entire planet is revivified, re-spiritualized. All hearts beating reflect this Light. And so throughout the Earth there’s a radiant “impress” (impressions, pictures) given to humanity of the World Mother and her Child. The star Sirius (love/direction) and the constellation Virgo the mother shines above. For gift giving, give to those in need. Give and give and then give some more. This creates the new template of giving and sharing for the new world.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Stocking Stuffers

The men behind the women of the Kinsey Sicks Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet explain their own special brand of ‘dragtivism,’ and their holiday show at the Rio
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Tramonti Pizza

Why there’s no such thing as too much Italian food in Seabright


Guitar or surfboard?

Guitar. The closest thing I ever came to surfing was sliding down a rock hill. Charlie Tweddle, Santa Cruz, Hats and Music


Fortino Winery’s Intriguing Charbono

At the opening celebration of the new Santa Clara Wine Trail in August, one of the wineries we visited was Fortino. This is where I first tasted their intriguing estate-grown Charbono—a varietal that is one of the rarest in California, with only 80 acres grown statewide.


Beyond the Jar

How Tabitha Stroup has built her rapidly expanding jam empire