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Breath Workshop "Envisioning a Magnificent 2013!"
Saturday, December 29, 2012, 09:30am - 05:00pm
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A day of awakening breathwork and celebrating the coming of the new era. With Rainya Dann, Director of The Institute for Transpersonal Studies The Mayans call it "The Great Cycle" which is ending after over 5,000 years. We are leaving the era of the patriarch, the male, the yang, the linear. We are entering the era of the matriarch, the female, the yin, receptivity. To move into the new paradigm we need to flush out feelings of polarization and separation. As we leave a world of duality, breaking down the old, we can let go of feeling like victims and embrace being concious co-creators.Open the call from you soul to see yourself as Sacred, honor the inter-relatedness. It is a time to strengthen our hearts and build community.

Location : Institute for Transpersonal Studies, 420 Happy Valley Road, Santa Cruz
Contact : Rainya Dann, Director: 425-7837