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Sep 01st
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Mind & Body

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

What happens when I see evidence of the rumblings and origins of the Earth?  Seeing an erupting volcano makes me question my understanding of this planet and my life, as I know it.  The volcano is evidence of forces still active on this Earth and a reminder of continual changes.  The calm summer days of Santa Cruz are a memory as I witness the drama of steam pushing its way out of random crevices, dark clouds forming over the top, huge moon-like craters. My life is short in comparison and I stand in awe.  I am able to observe a movement of time and see the physical turmoil of the earth.  We humans continue to alter our planet to suit our needs and are shocked when eruptions erupt and earthquakes quake.

Maybe this is why the breathing helps.  It brings me back to my natural rhythm, allowing me to become calm, to erupt, or to quake.  After all, we are a part of the earth and can learn a few lessons from the surprises that it continues to give.  Krishnamurti asks us to observe the whole movement of time and relate this to the movement of thought.  He says that thought and time are not two different things.  Neither ever ends.

Mind & Body

Healing Yourself, Healing the Planet

Healing Yourself, Healing the Planet

Economic Anxiety Got You Shaken?

Whether it’s your job that you are worried about keeping or a house with a large mortgage or the daily news of an ever-worsening economy—it’s a hard time for many to stay cool and, as we say in Santa Cruz, grounded.  I have been treating many people over the last few months for anxiety and there are a number of steps that you can take to calm your mind and stop your heart from pounding with worry.  
Mind & Body

Where I write

Where I write

My creative writing process begins with a connection between my right hand, specifically the fingers, a sanford uniball onyx micro blue pen, and a cool looking notebook.  For some reason, the notebook is of great importance. I prefer writing creatively in a notebook as opposed to the legal pad attached to the clipboard that I cart around with me containing my list for the day as well as some scribbles of ideas.  Somehow I trust my writing style and content most when it is on the pages of a ‘Moleskine." The moleskin is "the legendary notebook of artists, writers, intellectuals and travelers," and has been around for over 200 years. (  They say that the moleskine was used by Ernest Hemminway, Vincent van Gogh, and others of noteworthy fame who were tortured artists, but brilliant and good company to be part of, as I see it.  I prefer the lined notebooks for writing, but have been know to pick up a plain paper book for quick sketching. Bookshop Santa Cruz ( carries these notebooks in hardcover, soft cover, plain, lined and as monthly planner.


The Ticker

City Employees Downsize Work Week

City employees are currently taking a 10 percent furlough in an effort to solve $4 million of the city’s $9 million deficit for the 2010 fiscal year. As a result, most city offices will be closed on Fridays, instead working nine-hour days four days a week. The furlough was initiated on June 27 and will last through July 9. Check the city’s Web site,, for a complete listing of the different city office’s new hours.

How to Lose Your Mind in Ten Milligrams

One scribe’s misadventures with Ambien, the world’s freakiest sleep medication

All my life. Right from the word go. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been doing exactly what I’m doing right now: lying on my back, staring into the darkness as my mind chases its tail, feeling like everyone in this time zone is asleep but me.

Ah, verily does it suck. Hour after hour, I fight the urge to look at the clock, knowing that it would only bring tidings of sorrow …


Doing Joie de Vivre

Make Reservations, Not War—GT writers forget about you life and travel on the fringe with these stellar hotel spots

Editor’s Note: Click off CNN’s “The War Show”, grab your car keys and get out of town. We did. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to decipher this week’s cover story—it’s fun, informative and geared to give you a guide for quick weekend getaways, places near Santa Cruz County that are relatively affordable and, hopefully, nurturing. From the upscale elegance of Hotel Drisco in San Francisco to the rustic backroads of Big Sur, GT’s mini-guide boasts some great escapes. Now get packin’ …

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Mercury Enters Libra

It’s the week of Burning Man, the temporary, intentional, alternative, art-filled community on the playas of Nevada. Mercury, messenger of the Sun, enters Libra this week. Libra is the equalizer, a sign of balance and right human relations. Sometimes with Libra, we can be indecisive and confused while learning how to make balanced and right choices. Sometimes to keep the peace we communicate only what others want to hear. Eventually, we learn how to speak from the heart.


Final Cut

Cedar Street Video to close after 10 years at downtown location


Banter and Spark

Engaging actors, wry script distinguish lightweight rom-com ‘What If’


Back to Silicon Beach

With a new wave of startups, the future of Santa Cruz tech looks more promising than ever
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Himalayan Kitchen

Chef Purna Regmi on the secrets of Nepalese cooking


What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for someone this week?

Germany  |  Beekeeper


Best of Santa Cruz County

The 2013 Santa Cruz County Readers' Poll and Critics’ Picks It’s our biggest issue of the year, and in it, your votes—more than 6,500 of them—determined the winners of The Best of Santa Cruz County Readers’ Poll. New to the long list of local restaurants, shops and other notables that captured your interest: Best Beer Selection, Best Locally Owned Business, Best Customer Service and Best Marijuana Dispensary. In the meantime, many readers were ever so chatty online about potential new categories. Some of the suggestions that stood out: Best Teen Program and Best Web Design/Designer. But what about: Dog Park, Church, Hotel, Local Farm, Therapist (I second that!) or Sports Bar—not to be confused with Bra. Our favorite suggestion: Best Act of Kindness—one reader noted Café Gratitude and the free meals it offered to the Santa Cruz Police Department in the aftermath of recent crimes. Perhaps some of these can be woven into next year’s ballot, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy the following pages and take note of our Critics’ Picks, too, beginning on page 91. A big thanks for voting—and for reading—and an even bigger congratulations to all of the winners. Enjoy.  -Greg Archer, EditorBest of Santa Cruz County Readers’ Poll INDEX


A Cab To Be Coveted

I first tasted Villa del Monte’s 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon at a Fourth of July party, where the hosts had bought a case of it because they love it and didn’t want to run out. It’s one of those wines that will grab you—in the best way—with its full body and rich fruit characteristics.