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Feb 10th
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blog_karmaNo food or drinks served, but upbeat workers and customers, interesting conversation, meeting up, and learning something.  I swear that I don’t work for Apple, but I must say, I continue to be impressed at surprisingly polite and bright workers.  They seem to be from another planet, which is where Steve Jobs resides, along with those other brilliant inventor-types.  The marketing strategy is this: buy an Apple product, pay an extra $100.00 a year, get instruction at any time on your Mac, iPhone, iPod, and enjoy yourself at the same time.  Of course, there is a lot of “product” they could and probably do sell during your tutorial, but I have avoided buying anything yet.  My particular “genius” actually told me to go to Fry’s where I could save $30.00 on a 1 terabyte drive that I need for my 40,000 digital images. Imagine that!  Good Karma.

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