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Feb 10th
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Winners Announced: Free Giveaways—Win It and Wear It


Winners of the Fashion Issue's free giveaways are below.

Winners, please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to pick up your prize.


Sewing Class at Judy's Sewing Center: P. Mudd

TomGirlWest Necklace No. 1: Torunn Sweers

TomGirlWest Necklace No. 2: Nancy Ryker-Judd

Idle Hands T-shirt: Vicki M

Nuala Leather Charm: Hanna Crivello

Blackbird Lariat Necklace: Vanessa Noelle

Blackbird Leather Cuff: Monica M. Churchill

Blackbird Fabric Cuff: Laurel

Blackbird Headband No. 1: Camille Smith Ballon

Blackbird Headband No. 2: Bara D

Purse from K.Murray: Jill Barry

Stripe Necklace: Michelle

Men's Shirt from Stripe: Janny

60-minute Facial, L'Atelier: Kimberly House

Bracelet, Cameron Marks: Mary Rowe




If you enjoyed reading the fall fashion issue, then things will only get better for you. For the second year, GT offers a slew of free giveaways, items featured in this fashion issue, all for free.

WHAT TO DO: Leave a comment here telling us about something you liked in the fashion issue, and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win one of the following prizes (below). The contest begins Aug. 3 and ends Aug. 12. Winners announced Aug. 15 in the same blog.




WHAT YOU WIN: A sewing class at Judy’s Sewing Center * Two necklaces by TomGirlWest * A T-shirt from Idle Hands * A leather charm by Nuala * Five items by Blackbird * A purse from K.Murray * A necklace from Stripe * A men’s shirt from Stripe * A 60-minute facial from L’Atelier * A hand-beaded necklace from Cameron Marks *










givecover_KMurray givecover_Nancygivecover_Nuala

givecover_StripeMen givecover_StripeNecklace givecover_TomGirlWest

Comments (33)Add Comment
written by Briana, August 12, 2011
I love the Blush Blouse: Love Stitch on page 20...and it's not $400! I'm also inspired to do some sewing!
written by Jeanne Buffa, August 12, 2011
My sister and I joke that we come from a long line on non-sewers. I tend to get a little anxious when I enter a fabric store, but recently I started steam-blocking hats and now I really want to learn how to sew. As if the universe knew what I wanted, a friend GAVE me a sewing machine, but I am pretty lost when seated in front of it.

I enjoyed the article about the local sewing classes and now I am hopeful that I won't wait 8 years to learn how to sew. I'm even more excited at the possibility of winning a class or two!
written by jennifer corstorphine, August 11, 2011
I love the S. Sung Polka Dot Dress on page 15. It looks classy and comfy at the same time. Perfect for Santa Cruz!
written by jane n farrar, August 11, 2011
What a stunning the success the fashion issue is! Congratulations on this year's edition.
written by Pamela Papas, August 11, 2011
"Reap What you Sew" article one of the things I liked in this fashion issue. It's a good story of how the sewing machine came to be in the author's possession. Of how the author saw something she liked and wondered if, rather than spend $50, she could sew and design the article of clothing herself. I often feel the same way. I know NOTHING about sewing and have ideas for clothes but no clue how to design and sew. And the affordable (thank you) prices at Judy's Sewing Center....I am definitely going to check it out.

Lastly, the author talks about how sewing quiets her mind and is a sanctuary...just what I need. Thank you for the good article!
written by missy schnaps, August 11, 2011
I had the most amazing opportunity to style the fall fashion issue- It was such a pleasure to wotk with such a talented group of artists and professionals and to play with such gorgeous clothing and jewelry!! Having worked first hand with all the goods, I would love ANYTHING!! the stores are giving away!!!
written by Nanci Ryker-Judd, August 11, 2011
I especially liked the idea of Judy's sewing classes! I just might have to check that out since I can't sew a stitch! Also loved the dress on the cover!
written by Kayla Cromer, August 11, 2011
I love all of it!!! Super creative and classy. Keep it up Good Times. ;)
written by Nathalie S. Roths, August 10, 2011
When one thinks of fashion, it is often associated with Paris, Milan and New York. However, I have to admit that I totally fell in love with the gorgeous dress on the GT fashion cover. I have never heard of the designer Prairie Underground, located on the West coast. I had to take a peak at their current and past collection on their website and really love their design. However, I have to admit that the Fade to Grey dress is my “coup de coeur”!

Also a big thank you for the short article on Judy’s Sewing Center. I bumped into their tradeshow table at a local quilting fair a few months ago and was impressed by the professionalism of their personal. Many customers told me they love this place. I inherited a nice sewing machine 12 years ago and it still sits in our kitchen, folded, with our toaster on top! Your article inspired me to get off my couch, take a class at Judy’s Sewing Center and create beautiful clothes. Although I may never achieve a creation as gorgeous as the Fade to Grey dress, I vow to create clothes that will be as inspiring as having the opportunity to live in a beautiful place like Santa Cruz!
written by Torunn Sweers, August 10, 2011
I enjoyed the articles on Stripe and Wallflower. Their designs, wares, and decor are both lovely and they are the perfect blend of local work and general adorableness. Plus I loved knowing about some of the designers whose work is showcased!
written by E. Lucas, August 10, 2011
I really enjoyed that the fashion issue also contained an article about sewing and DIY. I just rediscovered my sewing machine and was looking for some economical way to learn how to use it and begin to make my own clothing. Perfect timing GT! I signed up for the Judy's Sewing Center Beginning Garment Construction class after reading the article, sounds perfect for what I need. Thanks for providing the answer to the question I had been asking in my head!
I'm also loving the leather cuff with the orange flower on the give-away pictures, super cute!
written by Terra, August 10, 2011
Love the Prairie Underground dress on the cover, super sexy!
written by Winona H., August 10, 2011
Love itall!
written by janny, August 10, 2011
Well GT you have done it again! You never cease to amaze me with your talented staff. Even in black and white you captured the essence of wearable art! Cheers.
written by Michelle Livanos, August 10, 2011
I really enjoyed reading about the sewing classes, and sewing in general. I'm visiting from Madison, WI - but now I want to go and check out the fabric stores ;)
written by Jill Barry, August 09, 2011
wow, this issue was really stunning - the layouts, the locations, and the clothing. the clothing really lent the feeling of another era. I'm about to leave santa cruz and move to los angeles, but it's such a hard town to leave - I agree with the comment above - because santa cruz feels like the collision of so many different voices and senses of style. my friend and I were walking through the streets at midnight last night, and we passed all these empty victorian houses and it felt like a dream. your article did well to capture some santa cruz style.

- jill
written by Bara D., August 09, 2011
This was a gorgeous fashion issue, I look forward to it every year! There are so many great pieces and highlights but for me, the piece on sewing was inspiring. My mom passed on a love of sewing to me and I find it creative and meditative at once. Thanks GT!
written by Liz Rose, August 09, 2011
I was slightly surprised when I saw the cover of this weeks Goodtimes; I didn't expect Goodtimes to come out with a fashion issue. I especially love the emphasis on local fashion, the article about Judy's sewing classes, and the Murray's designs, so cute!
written by Vicki M., August 08, 2011
I was stopped, suddenly, when I saw the jewelry of TomGirlWest. The pieces exactly express the original intent of their designer, in providing solid, substantial pieces of jewelry that would make a woman feel decorated without frilliness. Nothing superfluous.

The gorgeous leather work by Nuala is new to me. I have not seen this artisan's work in person, but the material looks substantial, supple, and in subtle coloring.

written by Mary Rowe, August 08, 2011
Thanks for showcassing Linas work.She designs beautiful prints.Her work is sewn by local seamstresses. She is an exciting designer too.
written by Ashley Porter, August 07, 2011
I really like the TomgirlWest jewelry and the Blackbird accessories!
written by Janet Godfrey , August 06, 2011
I was shopping in Stripe last weekend and fell in love with the most beautiful leather cuff that had a piece of vintage fabric sewn on. I knew I had to have it! It was a Blackbird cuff. As I was purchasing it the artist Nancy walked in. I fell in love with my cuff even more after getting to know Nancy. I was so happy for her to see her beautiful pieces in this weeks fashion issue.
written by Vanessa Noelle, August 06, 2011
In this year's Good Times fall fashion issue the very insightful article In & Out by Christa Martin about Santa Cruzian fashion and jewelry is inspiring. The sexy new trends, colors, and classic styles this fall are artfully displayed in the Fall Fashion photos by Keana Parker. Her photos have exceptional perspective with natural backgrounds that the models bring to life with great outfit ideas. The fall colors are rich & bold as well as soft and neutral. The models look on cover "fade to gray" is captivating. The gray and baby blue dress has striking design lines it compliments the model's form and the silk scarf adds grace. The gold chain necklace and bracelet are exquisite.
Thanks I really enjoyed reading GT's fall Fashion issue its fabulous that all of the clothing, jewelry and accessories are available at shops in Santa Cruz.
Vanessa Noelle
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
written by tracy l. crockett, August 06, 2011
i loved the blackbird jewelry....i too make leather pieces. thanks for featuring such amazing artists too. i wish there was something said about shoes. they are such an important part of fashion and santa cruz has so many amazing shoe stores.
written by S. Maran, August 05, 2011
This has inspired me to sign up for sewing classes~ I have two unused sewing machines in the hall closet begging to get out, this will be a fantasic mom/daughter activity. Thanks GT
written by Laurel, August 05, 2011
I am by no means a "fashionista" but I was pleased to see fashion being highlighted in the latest issue of GoodTimes. The Backstage blue lace dress was my absolute favorite item worn by the lovely model, and if it didn't cost $175 I'd go out and get it right now! Thank you for letting us know that the trends for fall 2011 involve being “sexy, classic and classy", which I feel adequately expresses my personal style. Keep it up GoodTimes!
written by Shelly RidingPretty , August 05, 2011
I like Idle Hands -- T-shirts!

I'm a blogger too!
Shelly aka RidingPretty
written by p. mudd, August 05, 2011
I liked discovering the "Obsessive Beauty" blog. I might not have read the blog without this contest as obsession often denotes over the top to me .....and there are enough sources of beauty info and with it unrealistic expectations about beauty weighing on women already!?

I was pleased to find lots of good ideas, dare I say even practical ideas like "maybe you want to make that (something similar to) that stylish blouse for $20 instead of spending $300 for it."
written by Hannah Crivello, August 05, 2011
I was very much impressed with the fashion shoot cover story for this issue. As a avid enjoyer of and current trends, I was impressed with the GoodTimes' take on "now" styles, Santa Cruz style. With all of the attention given to "buy local", I loved the spin on supporting the local botiques in town as well. The "Flashback" belt from Idle hands, the feature of Maggie McKay's work and the overall styling of the "Fade to Grey" look definitely caught my eye.
written by Camille Smith-Ballon, August 05, 2011
The Designer Terry McInerney and Nuala leather designs are just gorgeous. I Never have seen them before and the shot of the leather bag on the fence caught my eye--great lines. Want to go to Stripe and find more pieces!
Thank you Good Times for sharing this artistry in leather with me:)
written by Kimberly House, August 04, 2011
I was considering calling the GT headquarters to "comment" on how well put together this years' fashion issue is when I got to page 43....I love contests and especially liked the photographs throughout the issue. I called Bunnies shoes and Idle hands to inquire about some of the goods you featured. I am also going to sign my daughter and myself up for sewing classes at Judys this Fall. Great job guys!
Thank you.
written by Monika M Churchill, August 04, 2011
There were quite a few gorgeous things in the fashion issue, but the two that I covet the most are the TomGirl necklaces and those Erma boots in coal. Oh, if I only had $300 in my single-mom budget for the perfect boot...but I don't, so please enter me in the raffle!
written by Charmaine Jacques, August 03, 2011
I've always felt that Santa Cruz has a style all it's own. There are so many creative types here in town that it is hard not to want to adorn yourself with the crafts and designs created here locally. Since we are such a casual college/tourist town there is a typical outfit that I've seen of; ugg's or flip flops, yoga pants or jeans, a t-shirt or hoodie - but even with this said people make that look their own by adding in the unique touches that Santa Cruz has to offer. I enjoyed how GT provided another look to my somewhat narrow look of the SC "uniform". Also how the fall fashion GT issue provided the resources to obtain some of the fun fashions - so much to look forward to!

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