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Sep 15th
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Kids Kick Off Coastal Cleanup Day

The socially-active students from Monarch Community School will be out on an all-day field trip on Friday, Sept. 24, when they travel to Seabright Beach to spend the day cleaning and restoring the local beach. The beach cleanup is the latest in a long list of environmental efforts made by the students from Monarch, an alternative elementary school. In 2008, students collected 2,300 pieces of plastic from Seabright Beach and conducted research about the impact of plastics on native wildlife.  They developed an exhibit and wrote to government and museum institutions to share their findings. This time, the eco-friendly K-6-ers will return to the shoreline as part of an effort to participate in a large international program sponsored by Ocean Conservancy called International Coastal Cleanup Day.  The official Santa Cruz cleanup day will be Saturday, Sept. 25, so the Monarch students cleans will jump-start the efforts. Every September, active members of the community from more than 100 different countries get together to clean their local beaches and collect data on the millions of pounds of trash they remove. For more information about Monarch School, visit, and for more information about the Santa Cruz Coastal Cleanup Day, visit site.

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Your Say on SmartMeters

PG&E’s SmartMeter devices have aroused many heated opinions among Santa Cruz residents—as Good Times learned first hand following our recent round table Q&A with a handful of key players in the debate. One of the most ubiquitous concerns was that PG&E was not communicating well with the general public. Well, concerned citizens take note: PG&E will be holding “open houses” aimed at educating about SmartMeters throughout the county over the next month. Take your questions and concerns to any or all of the following open house events: PG&E Payment Center in Capitola from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sept. 22; Ramsey Park Family Center in Watsonville from 4 to 7 p.m. on Sept. 30; and the Louden Nelson Community Center in Santa Cruz from 6 to 9 p.m. on Oct. 13. 

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Burning Man 2010

Burning Man 2010

This blog reviewed the 2010 Burning Man Festival.

September, 2010.  Black Rock Desert | Metropolis outside of the box - People go to Burning Man for a lot of reasons.  On the surface, a festive gathering of about 50,000 artistic souls in the remote desert seems like enough reason to go, but there is so much more.  This was my second trip to Black Rock City (BRC) for the annual burn.  The first trip was such a fiasco it’s amazing I had a desire to return.  In 2002, I traveled solo bringing only 20 pounds of hamburger and a hundred windchimes to meet up with friends there.  In the chaos of a spontaneous city, I was never able to find my group.  The food and chimes were traded for water and buns.  A memory, yes, but I was not prepared.

The 2010 burn was much different.  After connecting with the Santa Cruz Fire Dancing Conclave in early summer, I was invited to join the camp and perform fire safety duties during their performances.  Having a group to plan the journey and to camp with is the best way to make the burn work.

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Goal Getters

After months of surveying and picking the brains of more than 3,000 local residents, the Santa Cruz County Community Assessment Project (CAP) has released the results for their five-year county goals. The set of goals for 2015 range from economic aims (such as “increase the percentage of economic activity with Santa Cruz County by 10 percent and “re-localize” 10 percent of our commuting workforce”) to hopes for the natural environment (including to “develop a local sustainable food system: all community members have access to affordable locally grown food produced in a sustainable manner that preserves farmland fertility”). The CAP has been helping set community goals since 1994, and now annually tracks and measures the progress of each goal. Visit for the complete list of 2015 goals. 

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Board of Supervisors Opposes Prop. 23

Ballot measures can be tricky to understand (it takes some skilled reading-between-the-lines), which is one reason it’s so handy to see who has endorsed or opposed a proposition. Last week, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors thought it would make its position clear on Proposition 23: in a nutshell, that it’s a big step backward for the Golden State. Think of Prop. 23 as sort of the reversed AB 32; the latter was California’s clean air law that passed in 2006, setting greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for the state and implementing new accountability measures for polluters. Prop. 23 is backed by Texas oil companies and, in the words of a statement released by Supervisor Neal Coonerty, it “would roll back California’s clean energy and air pollution reduction standards.” 

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Paddle Star

Paddle Star

Ocean champion lands in Santa Cruz during her canoe trip from Seattle to San Diego
Margo Pellegrino is no ordinary ocean advocate. She recycles, she makes conscious consumer decisions, she teaches her kids about the environment. But, two months a year, she also hops in her outrigger canoe and sets off to sea—solo—to take long voyages along the American coastline.

The 43-year-old mother of two began her current journey, The Pacific Coast Paddle, in Seattle on July 3. She reached the California border in early August, and landed at the Santa Cruz Harbor this afternoon (Tuesday, Aug. 24). Aside from being an incredible feat of strength and will power, Pellegrino’s marathon paddles are meant to draw attention to threats facing the oceans. The main issues she hopes to raise awareness about are over-fishing, pollution, plastic debris, and acidification.

Tomorrow, Aug. 25, she’ll set off to paddle her way to Monterey. You can track her progress, and read about her experience (which has been as trying as it has been rewarding) on her blog, The paddle is part of the Blue Frontier Campaign, and is sponsored by Ocean Champions.. Local support came from Santa Cruz Surfrider, The Clean Oceans Project, Save Our Shores, and more.

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(Almost) Under Construction

In the latest Highway 1 news, the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) recently announced that they have taken over the role of Construction Manager for the Highway 1 Auxiliary Lanes Project, the project that will add an auxiliary lane (a ramp connecting the off ramp to the next on ramp) between Morrissey Boulevard and the Soquel interchange, “thereby extending the Highway 1/17 Interchange Merge Lanes project to the north side of Soquel Avenue,” said the RTC in an Aug. 19 release. They will work in conjunction with Caltrans, which owns the state highway system. Construction is set to begin next summer. 

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Local Boy Goes Global

Remember Kyle Thiermann, the young Santa Cruz surfer who made a splash with his Claim Your Change project? His video about banking locally went viral on the Internet, and inspired $110 million to be transferred into local banks. Well, he’s at it again—this time by traveling to Sri Lanka where he’ll visit garment factories, promote shopping locally, and, of course, ride some waves. Check out his new blog,, to keep tabs on his travels, to see the “Claim Your Change” video, or to view his new video, “BP, You, and Me,” about how “your money could be funding the BP oil spill through where you bank.”
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Taxi Driver Goes Green

Taxi Driver Goes Green

Meet Santa Cruz County’s first hybrid taxi driver
About eight weeks ago, Santa Cruz cabbie Michael Williams decided to follow the lead of major cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He purchased a used Ford Escape Hybrid for use as the first hybrid taxi in Santa Cruz County. The investment, he says, is a step towards saving the environment, making taxi driving more efficient, and setting a positive example for major cab companies  like his employer, Yellow Cab. An independent cab company, Green Cab, already provides the town with eco-friendly biodiesel taxis, but Williams’ cab is unique in that it’s a hybrid.

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Conserve & Report

SANTA CRUZ - In order to help large-scale water consumers, the City of Santa Cruz Water Conservation Office will now be providing monthly Water Use Reports to select customers—mostly businesses, schools, homeowners associations, city and county parks, golf courses and “other areas with large irrigated areas,” according to a July 29 press release. The new conservation program was launched in July and aims to help these big water users monitor their usage and costs, and, they hope, conserve more effectively.
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A Different Revolution

Aries Moon late Wednesday and Thursday. We think new thoughts and initiate new ideas. Sun in Virgo with Saturn in Scorpio help disciples to create orderly structures to anchor and bring forth new ideas. Stabilizing Taurus moon Friday and Saturday. We anchor new ideas into form and matter, like seeds planted in the soil. We tend them, waiting for green shoots to emerge. Like the gestating Virgo Sun Madonna, awaiting the birth of the holy child, the Soul, the new light at winter solstice. Mercury and Chiron converse about what hurts and what heals.Saturday is a complex day with Mercury (communication), Mars (action!) and Uranus (revolution). Mercury in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries. Oppositions (recognizing something new appearing over there somewhere) eventually synthesize. Mercury in Libra calls for Right Action and Right Relations, especially with money. Uranus in Aries—the revolution this time must be different.  Also on Saturday, Mars enters Sagittarius. Where are we going, what are our goals, where’s justice, where’s the mountain, do we have good shoes? Sunday Venus trines Pluto—in-depth assessment of money, values and resources. Gemini moon Monday; we talk a lot, tending to tasks in gardens and neighborhoods. Cancer Moon Tuesday and Wednesday; we nurture and nourish. The stars and planets remind us.Note: William Meader, esoteric author & international teacher, will be speaking on “The Soul of Humanity Evolving Through Crisis” at Meditation Mount, 7pm, Friday, Sept. 12.


Final Cut

Cedar Street Video to close after 10 years at downtown location


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