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Feb 10th
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Popular Window Tinting Treatments for Residential Homes

Transparent glass coatings2Transparent Glass Coatings - Sponsored Column

Home is a sanctuary meant for personal enjoyment, privacy and comfort. Furniture, artwork and our most precious home belongings are just some of the ways we make our homes more comfortable – and beautiful.  So when it comes to protecting these valuables, residential window coatings are the ideal choice as they filter the sun and shield our belongings without obstructing the view.

Residential window film come in many different varieties with some of the most cutting-edge technologies that ensure privacy, eliminated glare, reduced fading and reduced solar heat gain. Window tints can range from completely clear for a natural look to a deep tint designed for the ultimate in home privacy.

Homeowners with floor-to-ceiling, architectural or skylight windows can benefit the most from residential window film. These types of windows expose the home interior to the greatest amount of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) which can cause the most damage to the interior of the home. Most homeowners choose window films as opposed to window coverings to maintain views while making the most of natural light. It’s a green and effective choice when it comes to protecting and enjoying your home.

TGCsnapDerekDerek Hansen, Vice President of SalesTYPES OF WINDOW COATINGS

Transparent Film
For homeowners that want protection against the sun without the obvious tint, transparent film is an excellent choice. Because it looks completely natural, homeowners can rest assured their home interior is protected without compromising curb appeal. Windows do not look like mirrors; instead, they are completely clear and beautiful.
Safety Film
For the ultimate in home security, safety film is a solid choice and a wonderful complement to alarm systems or other monitoring devices. When struck by an intrusive object, safety film will prevent the window from shattering. Safety film also protects windows against earthquakes or explosions which could ordinarily shatter the window and cause flying glass to enter the home.
Decorative Film
Some homeowners want to create a custom look with window tints by using decorative film. Decorative film is commonly used in bathrooms, hallways and other areas that require privacy. Alternatively, homeowners can use decorative film to highlight architectural accents. Decorative films include embossed, patterned, opaque, prismatic, rice paper, botanical or stained glass films.
Ceramic Film
The most cutting-edge technology in residential window film includes ceramic coatings. These films are constructed from highly specialized materials that greatly deflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays while maintaining a completely natural look. Ceramic film also cuts heat dramatically, allowing the home to stay cool during summer months. And outdoors views are optimized as well, leaving the homeowner with a crystal clear view without the glare, heat or an obstruction.

For more information on residential window coatings for your home, visit or give us a call at 831-476-9627.

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