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Feb 11th
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Security Glass Window Treatments in Santa Cruz

Security Glass Window Treatments in Santa CruzWe do a lot to keep our homes and businesses safe.  Security systems, video monitoring, state-of-the art lock systems and remote entry are just some of the ways we aim for a safer environment. But did you know that the first line of defense against acts of violence can be addressed with a simple application of specially-coated window film? Safety and security window applications are the ideal choice when it comes to keeping your home and business safe.

Why is Traditional Glass Potentially Dangerous
Traditional annealed glass breaks into large, dangerous shards when intentionally broken into or in the event of any natural disasters. Flying glass shards can cause injury and even death but can be easily prevented. Safety film holds together when shattered, removing any risk to individuals who may come in contact with broken glass.

But in addition to its safety features, window security film also deters acts of violence against your home and business. Because penetration is not possible, even if robbers attempt to break through the glass, your TransGlas burgularpersonal and business belongings are safer than ever and preventing loss is increased significantly.

Home and Business Security with Safety and Security Film
Home and business window safety films are a superior way to keep your environment safe. When glass is prevented from shattering completely with the use of security film, robbers, vandalism and other unsafe activity are prevented from occurring in your home or place of business.

In addition to residences, corporate offices, retail buildings, restaurants, hotels and warehouses have each used security film with excellent results. Using safety and security film is a no-brainer for these types of environments as they are most commonly susceptible to vandalism, robbery and other acts of violence. A simple retrofit with security film resolves the issue. You can keep your existing windows, too, making this security enhancement a must-have for both home and business.

Schools & Other Public Institutions
With the rise of terrorist acts in public intuitions – for instance, 9/11 and the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School – increased security is now on the minds of TGCsnapDerekDerek Hansen, Vice President of Salesofficials everywhere. One of the greatest deterrents to breaking and entering is through the use of security window film. Public and private institutions like schools, churches or other public areas where terrorist threats are possible should opt for shatter-resistant, impenetrable security film. It’s the ideal defense measure that’s low-profile, cost-efficient and extremely easy to maintain.

Other Benefits
Security window film looks completely natural and does not deter from the beautiful look of windows. Typically, the interlayer construction of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) also provides excellent defense against UV radiation, blocking nearly 99 percent of all incoming ultraviolet exposure. That means your interior spaces are cooler and heating and cooling bills are reduced. In addition to its protection against the sun, security film is also an ideal way to create sound insulation for a quieter, more peaceful environment both at home and the office.

When it comes to earthquake protection, shatter-resistant window film is the ideal choice in protecting the most important assets – your family, friends and others you care about. Because seismic activity can have a disastrous effect on windows, shards of glass can cause a great deal of physical injury if they break upon high force. Security film, however, keeps glass intact so there is no chance for injury by way of flying glass.

For more information on retrofitting your home with security film, click here or log onto Specific inquiries are welcomed to call our office at 831-476-9627.

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