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Feb 08th
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Why the Holiday Season Might Just Be the Time to Buy

By Suzy Rodoni Silverberg, Real Estate Eight Three One

christmashome250Santa Cruz boasts 11 world-class surf breaks causing Surfer magazine to crown it “The Real Surf City, USA.”  We’re also well known for our watersports— such as sailing, diving, swimming, paddling—and famous for our boardwalk, which was deemed a State Historic Landmark.  We’re also popular for our outdoor sports—such as skateboarding, cycling, camping, hiking, and rock climbing. It’s no wonder Santa Cruz is inundated with tourists during the summer. However, if you’re thinking about residing in rather than simply visiting Santa Cruz, December might be the time to buy. There are many potential benefits for homebuyers during the holiday season.

Why would anyone want to deal with selling a home during the hectic holiday season? Exactly! If someone has put their home on the market during this time of the year, chances are they really need to sell it. This could result in less hassle when it comes to negotiating and perhaps even an acceptance of a lower offer—and who couldn’t use a little extra cash during the holiday season?

Another plus to buying a home during the holiday season is that everyone else is waiting in line at the Apple store, drinking eggnog, and wrapping presents —in other words, there’s less competition. This decreases the chance of multiple offers and bidding wars—again saving homebuyers money.

Furthermore, with fewer people buying homes, lenders aren’t as busy, which means faster mortgage approvals.  Some lenders might even consider reducing their fees during the off-peak season. However, because this is such a busy time of year and many people do leave town to visit family, communicate with your agent and your broker to find out their schedule. You don’t want to be caught off guard and frustrated by delayed responses to your phone calls and emails.

Buying before the end of the year also results in tax advantages.

And, now, the best part of buying a home in Santa Cruz during December:  you’ll be unpacked and settled in by summer and ready to hit the waves, enjoy the beach, and go for a beautiful hike.

If you’re interested in buying a home in the beautiful Santa Cruz area, please visit, or call us at 831.475.5695.

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