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Feb 14th
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Luxury Vinyl Tile: Vinyl’s Glamorous Makeover

lisa floorsNEWWhen you hear the words “vinyl flooring,” what words come to mind? Industrial? Practical? Boring? Maybe that was true in the past, not anymore. Over the years, vinyl flooring has undergone a glamorous makeover, and the outcome is a new product called luxury vinyl tile (or LVT for short). Luxury Vinyl has been around for years. The newest edition to this type of flooring, LVT, has been receiving a lot of attention recently in the design industry because it not only has wonderful aesthetics; it has many other benefits.

Now, let’s start with a new look. LVT realistically resembles flooring for a fraction of the cost. For example, LVT can recreate the look of ceramic, travertine, stone, slate, quartz, marble, hardwoods and laminate flooring. It also comes in authentic plank lengths and widths of hardwood. LVT styles are available in various sizes: 12 x 12”, 18 x 18”, and 12 x 24”, while the planks come in 3 x 36”, 4.5 x 36,” and some manufacturers offer planks in extra-large widths.

Luxury vinyl tiles are also very durable and easy to maintain. If they’re installed correctly, they are naturally water resistant. They have wear layers (between 20-40 mil) and are coated with urethane to increase durability. Also, it’s not uncommon for LVT to come with 20-25 year warranties.  And to clean LVT, all you need to do is vacuum, sweep and then run a damp mop over it.

Luxury vinyl tiles not only can be cost effective but also help to save our planet. Unlike other plastics, vinyl is easy to recycle. In fact, many manufacturers of LVT use vinyl waste from construction sites and old, used vinyl flooring. Many manufacturers also make sure their vinyl is low in VOCs. IVC US, a company who has invested in the largest manufacturing line in the world, ensures that they manufacture their LVT by using smart energy, clean air, clean water, and sustainability. And the fact that IVC US announced that their plans are underway to build a brand new luxury vinyl plank and tile facility with the largest capacity in North America shows that LVT is not a passing trend—it’s here to stay.

If vinyl flooring is an option you’ve never considered because the word “vinyl” conjures up images of bland commercial spaces and cold industrial areas, think again. At Floors Etc., we would love to introduce you to all of the wonderful LVT options available. Visit us at, or feel free to call us at 831-462-5586.