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Feb 12th
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Choosing the Right Carpet

fotolia sponsIf you are redecorating your home and find yourself with a hankering for carpet, you are certainly not alone. Carpet is soft, quiet, cozy, and affordable, and today it comes in so many different beautiful colors and textures.

But before you make your decision about which carpet to get, you should ask yourself the following questions:

How much use will the room get? And who will be using it?

The answer to this question will help you decide on the color and the type of carpet best suited for your home. If the room gets a lot of use, especially if it’s being used by kids and/or pets, a light-colored carpet is not going to be the best option. And as far as choosing a material for a room that gets a lot of use, nylon is durable, resilient and easy to maintain. Olefin is another option that has good stain resistance. If you’re carpeting a room that doesn’t get a lot of use, there are some soft, luxurious options to choose from.

What is the size of the room?

Lighter colored carpet can make a room look larger, while darker colored carpet may do the opposite. So if you need to carpet a smaller room, you might want to consider a lighter colored carpet, and if you are trying to make a bigger room look cozier, a darker carpet will work.

Does the room get natural lighting?

If the room gets natural light, it may show the true color of the carpet, but if it doesn’t, you want to consider going with a lighter shade because in a darker room the carpet might look darker than it actually is.  Always bring a sample of the carpet you’ve chosen home with you, or if one is not available, ask your sales person to bring one when they come to measure.

What does the room’s existing décor look like?

Unless you’re planning an entire home renovation, you’ll want to try and coordinate the carpet with the room’s existing décor. Therefore, make sure to bring swatches of fabric from drapes and furniture and paint chips with you when you are selecting carpet.  It might also help to bring photos of the rooms.

Is the carpet for selling the home or re-decorating it?  If you are purchasing carpet for your own personal pleasure, as I mentioned before, there are so many wonderful colors and textures to choose from. However, if you are carpeting your home with plans to sell it, a neutral toned carpet in a simple style is best when trying to sell your home.

At Floors Etc., we offer a number of quality brands of high-quality, durable, and beautiful carpet. We look forward to helping you find the perfect carpet for your home’s needs. Visit us at, or feel free to call us at 831-462-5586.