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Oct 25th
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101 Divine M Greg Archer
102 Girl Power Greg Archer
103 Friggin’ Joy J.D. Ramey
104 What’s Blood Got To Do With It? Jenna Brogan
105 Love In A Snap Charlie Price
106 The Future Of Farming Elizabeth Limbach
107 Kundalini Rising Damon Orion
108 A New Year Of Happy Jenna Brogan
109 Bright Ideas for 2013 Greg Archer
110 Here Comes the Sun King Damon Orion
111 Ebb & Flow Elizabeth Limbach
112 Meeting Maya Greg Archer
113 Dream Team Joel Hersch
114 Community Fund GT_Staff
115 William’s Westside Elizabeth Limbach
116 Good Egg Jenna Brogan
117 Election Guide 2012 GT_Staff
118 Shots of War Greg Archer
119 Michael Pollan Greg Archer
120 Vote for Bill Greg Archer
121 Frosty Geoffrey Dunn
122 Fall Home & Garden GT_Staff
123 What the Fash? Kim Luke
124 Please Stand By Jenna Brogan
125 The Art of Awareness Damon Orion
126 Putting the "U" Back in Tourist Kim Luke
127 Santa Cruz Was In His Heart Geoffrey Dunn
128 Quantum Fashion Greg Archer
129 The Fate of Organics Elizabeth Limbach
130 Mi Vida Loca Jenna Brogan
131 Let’s Hear it for the Girls Jenna Brogan
132 Game Face Greg Archer
133 Finding Hope in Harvest April M. Short
134 Fringe Kim Luke
135 The Boardwalk Empire Geofrey Dunn
136 The Marvels Around Us Geoffrey Dunn
137 Jonathan Franzen Greg Archer
138 Beyond Black Rock City Elizabeth Limbach
139 Top Chef Jenna Brogan
140 Summering Kim Luke
141 Green Pages GT_Staff
142 Santa Cruz Film Festival Greg Archer
143 The Cannabis Couple J.D. RAmey
144 The 2012 Santa Cruz County Readers' Poll GT_Staff
145 Best Shops GT_Staff
146 Best Food and Drink GT_Staff
147 Best Arts & Entertainment GT_Staff
148 Best Health & Fitness GT_Staff
149 Best Professionals GT_Staff
150 Best of the Rest GT_Staff
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Santa Cruz Restaurant Week

A huge part of Santa Cruz Restaurant Week has always been about offering a great dining experience for an affordable price. For some locals, the $25 flat-rate cost has provided the opportunity (or the excuse!) to try new spots, and indulge in Santa Cruz fine dining in a way they might have thought too pricey before.


Scorpio Sun, New Moon Eclipse, Mercury Direct

The Sun enters Scorpio’s mysteries Thursday under a new moon and partial solar eclipse (something essential has come to an end, its purpose completed). In Scorpio we harbor secrets, are devoted to something deep, dark and hidden. Sometimes it’s ourselves. We can bring great suspect to our assessment of others. Scorpio is the scorpion, the serpent and the eagle—three levels of development. As the serpent we take shelter in our beliefs. Sometimes we bite (or sting). The eagle vanquishes old beliefs through its sharp intellect, soaring high in the air, seeking to understand through perspective. Understanding releases us from the bondage of fear. The eagle is like the mother soothing feelings of mistrust, offering protection. Knowledge does this, too.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Light Humor

College comedy questions a post-racial America in ‘Dear White People’
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Back Porch

Austin Kaye on backyard dinners and why it’s his favorite time of year to be a chef


What’s the most outrageous situation you ever saw at a restaurant?

Damani Thomas, Santa Cruz, Chef/Owner


Wine Lust

The Spanish Godello grape, plus arancinis, tender butter lettuce and pork schnitzel at Soif


What artist or artists participating in the encore weekend of Open Studios should not be missed?

Santa Cruz | Teacher