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Sep 15th
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101 Kundalini Rising Damon Orion
102 A New Year Of Happy Jenna Brogan
103 Bright Ideas for 2013 Greg Archer
104 Here Comes the Sun King Damon Orion
105 Ebb & Flow Elizabeth Limbach
106 Meeting Maya Greg Archer
107 Dream Team Joel Hersch
108 Community Fund GT_Staff
109 William’s Westside Elizabeth Limbach
110 Good Egg Jenna Brogan
111 Election Guide 2012 GT_Staff
112 Shots of War Greg Archer
113 Michael Pollan Greg Archer
114 Vote for Bill Greg Archer
115 Frosty Geoffrey Dunn
116 Fall Home & Garden GT_Staff
117 What the Fash? Kim Luke
118 Please Stand By Jenna Brogan
119 The Art of Awareness Damon Orion
120 Putting the "U" Back in Tourist Kim Luke
121 Santa Cruz Was In His Heart Geoffrey Dunn
122 Quantum Fashion Greg Archer
123 The Fate of Organics Elizabeth Limbach
124 Mi Vida Loca Jenna Brogan
125 Let’s Hear it for the Girls Jenna Brogan
126 Game Face Greg Archer
127 Finding Hope in Harvest April M. Short
128 Fringe Kim Luke
129 The Boardwalk Empire Geofrey Dunn
130 The Marvels Around Us Geoffrey Dunn
131 Jonathan Franzen Greg Archer
132 Beyond Black Rock City Elizabeth Limbach
133 Top Chef Jenna Brogan
134 Summering Kim Luke
135 Green Pages GT_Staff
136 Santa Cruz Film Festival Greg Archer
137 The Cannabis Couple J.D. RAmey
138 The 2012 Santa Cruz County Readers' Poll GT_Staff
139 Best Shops GT_Staff
140 Best Food and Drink GT_Staff
141 Best Arts & Entertainment GT_Staff
142 Best Health & Fitness GT_Staff
143 Best Professionals GT_Staff
144 Best of the Rest GT_Staff
145 Marley Greg Archer
146 Occupied John Malkin
147 The Battle at the Plate Elizabeth Limbach
148 My, What a Big Whereas You Have! Kim Luke
149 The Plant Whisperer April M. Short
150 Pioneer Women Elizabeth Limbach
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Watch List

From Google to the government to data brokers, why your privacy is now a thing of the past


A Different Revolution

Aries Moon late Wednesday and Thursday. We think new thoughts and initiate new ideas. Sun in Virgo with Saturn in Scorpio help disciples to create orderly structures to anchor and bring forth new ideas. Stabilizing Taurus moon Friday and Saturday. We anchor new ideas into form and matter, like seeds planted in the soil. We tend them, waiting for green shoots to emerge. Like the gestating Virgo Sun Madonna, awaiting the birth of the holy child, the Soul, the new light at winter solstice. Mercury and Chiron converse about what hurts and what heals.Saturday is a complex day with Mercury (communication), Mars (action!) and Uranus (revolution). Mercury in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries. Oppositions (recognizing something new appearing over there somewhere) eventually synthesize. Mercury in Libra calls for Right Action and Right Relations, especially with money. Uranus in Aries—the revolution this time must be different.  Also on Saturday, Mars enters Sagittarius. Where are we going, what are our goals, where’s justice, where’s the mountain, do we have good shoes? Sunday Venus trines Pluto—in-depth assessment of money, values and resources. Gemini moon Monday; we talk a lot, tending to tasks in gardens and neighborhoods. Cancer Moon Tuesday and Wednesday; we nurture and nourish. The stars and planets remind us.Note: William Meader, esoteric author & international teacher, will be speaking on “The Soul of Humanity Evolving Through Crisis” at Meditation Mount, 7pm, Friday, Sept. 12.


Final Cut

Cedar Street Video to close after 10 years at downtown location


Film, Times & Events: Week of September 12

Santa Cruz area movie theaters >
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Wood Fire Woodie

Scotts Valley pizzeria gets fired up the old-school way


What's your all-time best Skyview Flea Market score?

Santa Cruz | eBay Business


Best of Santa Cruz County

The 2013 Santa Cruz County Readers' Poll and Critics’ Picks It’s our biggest issue of the year, and in it, your votes—more than 6,500 of them—determined the winners of The Best of Santa Cruz County Readers’ Poll. New to the long list of local restaurants, shops and other notables that captured your interest: Best Beer Selection, Best Locally Owned Business, Best Customer Service and Best Marijuana Dispensary. In the meantime, many readers were ever so chatty online about potential new categories. Some of the suggestions that stood out: Best Teen Program and Best Web Design/Designer. But what about: Dog Park, Church, Hotel, Local Farm, Therapist (I second that!) or Sports Bar—not to be confused with Bra. Our favorite suggestion: Best Act of Kindness—one reader noted Café Gratitude and the free meals it offered to the Santa Cruz Police Department in the aftermath of recent crimes. Perhaps some of these can be woven into next year’s ballot, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy the following pages and take note of our Critics’ Picks, too, beginning on page 91. A big thanks for voting—and for reading—and an even bigger congratulations to all of the winners. Enjoy.  -Greg Archer, EditorBest of Santa Cruz County Readers’ Poll INDEX


Soquel’s Pinot Winner

When you taste Soquel Vineyards’ extraordinary 2012 Partners’ Reserve Pinot Noir, you will know why it won a Double Gold in June at the 2014 San Francisco International Wine Competition.