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Nov 28th
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151 The Science of Happiness Amy Klein
152 Mountains Were Here Greg Archer
153 Saving Paradise Elizabeth Limbach
154 Infected Jenna Brogan
155 GLOW Joel Hersch
156 George Ow’s Chinatown Geoffrey Dunn
157 Courage Under Bombs John Malkin
158 Let Them Eat Fashion Greg Archer
159 Blasphemy Greg Archer
160 Gangaji John Malkin
161 Finding Freedom in Prison DNA
162 Santa Cruz Is in the Heart Gloria Nieto
163 The Napolitano Complex Joel Hersch
164 Wild About Willie Greg Archer
165 Soul Man Damon Orion
166 A Recipe for a Brighter Future Elizabeth Limbach
167 The Fashion Issue 2013 Leslie Patrick
168 Shakespeare-ing Things Up April M. Short
169 The Summer of Sound Jenna Brogan
170 Stripping Down Joel Hersch
171 Budding Artist J.D. Ramey
172 Silent Dilemma Andrea Wachter
173 CYNDI Greg Archer
174 The Plug Bug & Corbin Dunn Joel Hersch
175 Out on a Limb Elizabeth Limbach
176 Free Angela Greg Archer
177 Beck to the Future Damon Orion
178 Spirit Weavers Geoffrey Dunn
179 Knowing the NEXTies Jenna Brogan
180 Best of Santa Cruz County GT_Staff
181 Best Shops GT_Staff
182 Best Food & Drink GT_Staff
183 Best Arts & Entertainment GT_Staff
184 Best of Health & Fitness GT_Staff
185 Best Professionals GT_Staff
186 Best of the Rest GT_Staff
187 Breaking the Silence Elizabeth Limbach
188 The Reality of Crime Joel Hersch
189 Caught in the Web Norman Solomon
190 Spring Home & Garden GT_Staff
191 Why Can’t the U.S. Move Forward? Ted Rall
192 Derby Girls Get it Done Kim Luke
193 The WOO Way Jenna Brogan
194 The 2013 Health Issue Elizabeth Limbach
195 Divine M Greg Archer
196 Girl Power Greg Archer
197 Friggin’ Joy J.D. Ramey
198 What’s Blood Got To Do With It? Jenna Brogan
199 Love In A Snap Charlie Price
200 The Future Of Farming Elizabeth Limbach
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Santa Cruz Gives

A look at the organizations we’re asking you to support in our new holiday giving campaign


Gratitude—For Each New Morning With its Light

The full moon of Wednesday brings light to Thanksgiving (Thursday) under the Sagittarius Sun and Mercury. Mercury in Sag offers humanity the message (Mercury) of thankfulness and joy (Jupiter). No other sign represents food, music and joy better than Sagittarius (only Pisces, when not in despair). Beginning on Thanksgiving, we can list what we’re grateful for. Then we can continue the list, creating a daily Gratitude Journal. What we are grateful for always increases in our lives. On Thanksgiving Saturn/Neptune square (challenging) is in full effect. This can manifest as traditions not being honored, disappearing, falling away. It can also create a sense of sadness, confusion, of things not working out as planned. It’s best to be as simple as possible. And to focus on gratitude instead. Gratitude is a service to others. It is scientifically and occultly a releasing agent. Releasing us from the past, allowing our future—the new culture and civilization, the new Aquarian laws and principles, the rising light of Aquarius, the Age of Friendship and Equality—to come forth. Gratitude and goodwill create the “thought-form of solution for humanity and the world’s problems.” The hierarchy lays great emphasis upon expressing gratitude. Gratitude illuminates all that is in darkness. Let us be grateful during this season together. Being, for others, the light that illuminates the darkness. A Poem by R.W. Emerson: We are grateful … “For each new morning with its light/For rest and shelter of the night/For health and food/For love and friends/For everything thy goodness sends.” (poem by R.W. Emerson). I am grateful for my family of readers.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Pluck of the Irish

Mid-century immigrant tale engagingly told in ‘Brooklyn’
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