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Nov 01st
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201 the gleeks Jenna Brogan
202 Ruffo's Wild Ride Greg Archer
203 Best Of Santa Cruz 2011 index Greg Archer
204 Best Shops 2011 GT_Staff
205 Best of Best of Food and Drink 2011 GT_Staff
206 Best of A.E. & Nightlife 2011 GT_Staff
207 Best of Best Health & Fitness 2011 GT_Staff
208 Best Professionals 2011 GT_Staff
209 Best of the Rest 2011 GT_Staff
210 Best of Santa Cruz Critics’ Picks GT_Staff
211 dance dance dance Julia Chiapella
212 Altered Statesman Damon Orion
213 Foreclosure Notice Patrick Dwire
214 Grey & Green Sven Davis
215 A Brighter Now Ezra Koch
216 Board Out of His Mind
217 Food & Wine GT_Staff
218 La Bahia Elizabeth Limbach
219 Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit Kim Luke
220 Health + Fitness GT_Staff
221 Making the Homeless Count Elizabeth Limbach
222 In Search of Charlie Chan Geoffrey Dunn
223 Great Shot Christa Martin
224 And The Nextie Goes To
225 Heal Thyself Kim Luke
226 The Tiki King J. D. Ramey
227 Year in Review Kim Luke
228 The Holiday Spirit J.D. Ramey
229 Smells Like Teen Spirit
230 In the Field Tom Honig
231 The Forgotten Epidemic Joseph Eliott
232 Community Fund GTWebmaster
233 Bill Says the Darnedest Things Damon Orion
234 Baseball By The Beach Randall Brown
235 Morton Marcus Lives On GTWebmaster
236 Food & Wine GTWebmaster
237 In School & War Elizabeth Limbach
238 Get Loopy
239 Art & Soul GTWebmaster
240 Full Stream Ahead Jenna Brogan
241 Fall Home & Garden GTWebmaster
242 esalen Greg Archer
243 Everything’s ZEN Damon Orion
244 Journeys with Geneen Greg Archer
245 I Gotta Feeling Damon Orion
246 Garbage Patch Kids Elizabeth Limbach
247 It Takes A Tribe: STS9
248 Fall Fashion Trends Christa Martin and Leslie Patrick
249 Meet the Bouncers J.D. Ramey
250 Spine Time Leslie Patrick
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Monterey Bay scientists are working to crack the mysteries of—and dispel the myths about—great whites. But in the highly contentious world of shark experts, there’s a fin line between love and hate


Altars of Remembrance, Forgiveness & Rapprochement

We’re in Scorpio now—things mysterious, ageless, hidden, sometimes scary. Friday is Halloween; Saturday, All Saints Day; Sunday, All Soul’s Day. Sunday morning at 2 a.m. (after midnight), Daylight Savings Time ends. Clocks are turned back. Tuesday is the General Election. Our vote is our voice. Each vote matters. Applying freedom of choice—Libra’s teachings. It’s time to build Halloween, All Saints and All Souls altars—with marigolds, pumpkins, sugar skeletons, copal (incense), pomegranates, persimmons, candy corn and cookies, orange and black. It’s so Saturn (now in Scorpio). Saturn is the dweller on the threshold (like St. Peter at the gates of heaven). Saturn can look like a Halloween creature—a gargoyle—a fantastic dragon-like creature protecting sacred sites. The dweller (Saturn) stands at the door or threshold of sacred mysteries, wisdom temples, inner sanctums of churches, offering protection, scaring evil away. The last day of October and first two days of November, when veils between worlds thin and spirits roam about, are times of remembrance, forgiveness, reconciliation and rapprochement. These actions liberate us. At death, when reviewing our lives and the consequences of our actions if we have forgiven, then we are free, less encumbered with grief and sadness. We place forgiveness on our altars. Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s good to dress up as what we’re afraid of. Or whom we would mentor. Then we become one with them. Note to readers: by Thanksgiving I will need a place to live (with purpose). Please contact me if you know of a place where I can rest for awhile. Teach and build community. [email protected] I will be leaving my mother’s home for the last time.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Film, Times & Events: Week of October 31

Santa Cruz area movie theaters >
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What is Santa Cruz’s biggest eyesore?

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Alberti Vineyards

Looking for some blood-red wine for your Halloween party? Then I have a recommendation for a new brew.


Turning Point

New revolving restaurant on the wharf, plus Cafe Ivéta and the last great Jack cheese