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Feb 13th
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201 Best Professionals GT_Staff
202 Best of the Rest GT_Staff
203 Breaking the Silence Elizabeth Limbach
204 The Reality of Crime Joel Hersch
205 Caught in the Web Norman Solomon
206 Spring Home & Garden GT_Staff
207 Why Can’t the U.S. Move Forward? Ted Rall
208 Derby Girls Get it Done Kim Luke
209 The WOO Way Jenna Brogan
210 The 2013 Health Issue Elizabeth Limbach
211 Divine M Greg Archer
212 Girl Power Greg Archer
213 Friggin’ Joy J.D. Ramey
214 What’s Blood Got To Do With It? Jenna Brogan
215 Love In A Snap Charlie Price
216 The Future Of Farming Elizabeth Limbach
217 Kundalini Rising Damon Orion
218 A New Year Of Happy Jenna Brogan
219 Bright Ideas for 2013 Greg Archer
220 Here Comes the Sun King Damon Orion
221 Ebb & Flow Elizabeth Limbach
222 Meeting Maya Greg Archer
223 Dream Team Joel Hersch
224 Community Fund GT_Staff
225 William’s Westside Elizabeth Limbach
226 Good Egg Jenna Brogan
227 Election Guide 2012 GT_Staff
228 Shots of War Greg Archer
229 Michael Pollan Greg Archer
230 Vote for Bill Greg Archer
231 Frosty Geoffrey Dunn
232 Fall Home & Garden GT_Staff
233 What the Fash? Kim Luke
234 Please Stand By Jenna Brogan
235 The Art of Awareness Damon Orion
236 Putting the "U" Back in Tourist Kim Luke
237 Santa Cruz Was In His Heart Geoffrey Dunn
238 Quantum Fashion Greg Archer
239 The Fate of Organics Elizabeth Limbach
240 Mi Vida Loca Jenna Brogan
241 Let’s Hear it for the Girls Jenna Brogan
242 Game Face Greg Archer
243 Finding Hope in Harvest April M. Short
244 Fringe Kim Luke
245 The Boardwalk Empire Geofrey Dunn
246 The Marvels Around Us Geoffrey Dunn
247 Jonathan Franzen Greg Archer
248 Beyond Black Rock City Elizabeth Limbach
249 Top Chef Jenna Brogan
250 Summering Kim Luke
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Heart Me Up

In defense of Valentine’s Day


“be(ing) of love (a little) more careful”—e.e. cummings

Wednesday (Feb. 10) is Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins. Friday (Feb. 12) is Lincoln’s 207th birthday. Sunday is Valentine’s Day. On Ash Wednesday, with foreheads marked with a cross of ashes, we hear the words, “From dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return.” Reminding us that our bodies, made of matter, will remain here on Earth when we are called back. It is our Soul that will take us home again. Lent offers us 40 days and nights of purification in preparation for the Resurrection (Easter) festival (an initiation) and for the Three Spring Festivals (at the time of the full moon)—Aries, Taurus, Gemini. The New Group of World Servers have been preparing since Winter Solstice. The number 40 is significant. The Christ (Pisces World Teacher) was in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights prior to His three-year ministry. The purpose of this desert exile was to prepare his Archangel (light) body to withstand the pressures of the Earth plane (form and matter). We, too, in our intentional purifications and prayers during the 40 days of Lent, prepare ourselves (physical body, emotions, lower mind) to receive and be able to withstand the irradiation of will, love/wisdom and light streaming into the Earth at spring equinox, Easter, and the Three Spiritual Festivals. What is Lent? The Anglo-Saxon word, lencten, comes from an ancient spring festival, agricultural rites marking the transition between winter and summer. The seasons reflect changes in nature (physical world) and humanity responds with social festivals of gratitude and of renewal. There is a purification process, prayerfulness in nature and in humanity in preparation for a great flow of spiritual energies during springtime. Valentine’s Day: Aquarius Sun, Taurus moon. Let us offer gifts of comfort, ease, harmony, beauty and satisfaction. Things chocolate and golden. Venus and Taurus things.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Film, Times & Events: Week of February 12

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Pub Watch

Mega gastro pub-in-progress at the Old Sash Mill, plus the best pasta dish downtown


How do you know love is real?

When you feel the groove in your heart and you’re inspired to dance. Becca Bing, Boulder Creek, Teacher


Temple of Umami

Watsonville’s Miyuki is homestyle cooking, Japanese-style


How would you stop people from littering?

Teach them from the time that they’re small that it’s not an appropriate behavior. Juliet Jones, Santa Cruz, Claims Adjuster