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Oct 20th
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201 Best Of Santa Cruz 2011 index Greg Archer
202 Best Shops 2011 GT_Staff
203 Best of Best of Food and Drink 2011 GT_Staff
204 Best of A.E. & Nightlife 2011 GT_Staff
205 Best of Best Health & Fitness 2011 GT_Staff
206 Best Professionals 2011 GT_Staff
207 Best of the Rest 2011 GT_Staff
208 Best of Santa Cruz Critics’ Picks GT_Staff
209 dance dance dance Julia Chiapella
210 Altered Statesman Damon Orion
211 Foreclosure Notice Patrick Dwire
212 Grey & Green Sven Davis
213 A Brighter Now Ezra Koch
214 Board Out of His Mind
215 Food & Wine GT_Staff
216 La Bahia Elizabeth Limbach
217 Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit Kim Luke
218 Health + Fitness GT_Staff
219 Making the Homeless Count Elizabeth Limbach
220 In Search of Charlie Chan Geoffrey Dunn
221 Great Shot Christa Martin
222 And The Nextie Goes To
223 Heal Thyself Kim Luke
224 The Tiki King J. D. Ramey
225 Year in Review Kim Luke
226 The Holiday Spirit J.D. Ramey
227 Smells Like Teen Spirit
228 In the Field Tom Honig
229 The Forgotten Epidemic Joseph Eliott
230 Community Fund GTWebmaster
231 Bill Says the Darnedest Things Damon Orion
232 Baseball By The Beach Randall Brown
233 Morton Marcus Lives On GTWebmaster
234 Food & Wine GTWebmaster
235 In School & War Elizabeth Limbach
236 Get Loopy
237 Art & Soul GTWebmaster
238 Full Stream Ahead Jenna Brogan
239 Fall Home & Garden GTWebmaster
240 esalen Greg Archer
241 Everything’s ZEN Damon Orion
242 Journeys with Geneen Greg Archer
243 I Gotta Feeling Damon Orion
244 Garbage Patch Kids Elizabeth Limbach
245 It Takes A Tribe: STS9
246 Fall Fashion Trends Christa Martin and Leslie Patrick
247 Meet the Bouncers J.D. Ramey
248 Spine Time Leslie Patrick
249 Restorative Justice John Malkin
250 {second} Night Life J.D. Ramey
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Field Work

Santa Cruz Mountain winemakers explain how the harvest works, and what kind of wine to expect from this year's crop


Libra's Two Choices

Libra (our last week) is the sign of creating right relations and values. In Libra we are asked to choose how to be, our identity in the world. We can maintain a hermetic sealed-off attitude (my life, my work, my money, etc.) or we can gain knowledge of world events and learn more about those in need. Libra is a group sign—self with others. Here are some events occurring in our world this week concerning food, poverty, spirituality, values and global realities. The UN (a spiritual experiment) each month places a “light” upon world problems. This week a light shines on Rural Women, Farms, Food & Poverty. Before we choose to respond we must have knowledge. “So we can each do our part.” Oct. 15 - International Day of Rural Women (unrecognized with few resources); Oct. 16 - World Food Day & Family Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth; Oct. 17 - Eradication of Poverty Day (international). During the month of Libra (with Saturn exalted), we pause, contemplate and assess what it is we know, don’t know, and need to know. Libra receives and distributes Ray 3 of divine intelligence, right relations, right choice and right economy (Venus). Use your intelligence “tips the Libran scales” in terms of being able to see and then choose between the two paths Libra offers (return to the past or step forward into Scorpio’s Discipleship). Libra (the oscillating light) prepares us for the great tests and conflicts in Scorpio. In Libra we are subtly tested as we learn the nature of polarized energies (s/he loves me, s/he loves me not). In Libra we learn more about ourselves through others. Libra’s Ray 3 asks us to become more adaptable and skillful. And then we are to teach each other what we know. In Libra, we all become teachers. In all these ways love is cultivated.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Docs Without Borders

United Nations Association Film Festival showcases documentaries from around the globe
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Nut Kreations

Co-owner Craig Olsen goes nuts over nuts


What artist or artists participating in the encore weekend of Open Studios should not be missed?

Santa Cruz | Teacher


Martin Ranch Winery

Friends who are wine club members of Martin Ranch invited us to the winery’s fun and festive annual barbecue, where the wine is flowing and the food just keeps on coming. Music and dancing are part and parcel of the action, and a good time is guaranteed.


Beer Bus

Santa Cruz’s new Brew Cruz, award winning ales, mole by el Jardín, and Wildcat Ridge Chardonnay