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Apr 25th
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301 2012 Damon Orion
302 Q & A Water Ways Amy Coombs
303 The Taoist Way Leslie Patrick
304 ECO Patriots GTWebmaster
305 Tracking the Trade of Rare Meat Amy Coombs
306 Wheel Power Karen Kefauver
307 Take 9 GTWebmaster
308 Best of Santa Cruz 2010 GTWebmaster
309 The Best of Santa Cruz County GTWebmaster
310 Our Ocean Sanctuary Tom Honig
311 Eating for the Environment Elizabeth Limbach
312 From Here to Haiti
313 Riders of the Sea Spray By Geoffrey Dunn & Kim Stoner
314 House of Straw Leslie Patrick
315 Pirate Radio John S. Malkin
316 Food & Wine GTWebmaster
317 66 WORDS GTWebmaster
318 (hitting) the spot Damon Orion
319 Health Issue & 11 Tips for for Optimal Health GTWebmaster
320 Sithan Pat Leslie Patrick
321 Kick the Habit in 30 Days Elizabeth Limbach
322 floral godmother Leslie Patrick
323 Meet The NEXTies GTWebmaster
324 RALLY ’round the iPhone Nick Veronin
325 Top of the Class Elizabeth Limbach
326 10 Things That Stood Out Locally in the Last Decade GTWebmaster
327 Tales of Tanzania Greg Archer
328 The many faces of Joe Anna Merlan
329 Freshly Cut
330 What happens if it’s legal? Laurel Chesky
331 Community Ties GTWebmaster
332 The Music Nick Veronin
333 reflextions Christa Martin
334 Articulations Elizabeth Limbach
335 Food & Wine GTWebmaster
336 World War II Damon Orion
337 Santa Cruz & the Loma Prieta Earthquake Greg Archer
338 Masterpiece Theater Leslie Patrick
339 Dancing Queen Leslie Patrick
340 Home & Garden GTWebmaster
341 What’s For Lunch? Elizabeth Limbach
342 Lest We Forget Damon Orion
343 Surfing for Change Nick Veronin
344 14 State Parks in 4 Days
345 Money, Money Elizabeth Limbach
346 Fashion 2009 Christa Martin
347 Transcendental Medication Damon Orion
348 The government is broken GTWebmaster
349 Is Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) the future of Santa Cruz transportation? Elizabeth Limbach
350 Just Do it! Yourself
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We Can Rebuild You

A look back at how downtown Santa Cruz recovered from the 1989 earthquake


International Earth Day—Mother Earth Day

Every April 22, humanity celebrates International Mother Earth Day and Earth Day. As more than a billion people participate in Earth Day activities every year, Earth Day has become the world’s largest civic observance. The massive concern to build right relations between humanity and the living being we call Earth is evidence of humanity’s love of the Mother. In 2009, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed April 22 International Mother Earth Day, with a significant resolution affirming “the interdependence existing among human beings, other living species (the kingdoms—mineral, plant, animal and human) and the planet itself, the Earth which we all inhabit.” The Earth is our home. Celebrating Earth Day helps us define new emerging processes (economic, social, political) focused on the well-being of the kingdoms. Through these, humanity seeks to raise the quality of life, foster equality and begin to establish right relations with the Earth. We dedicate ourselves to bringing forth balance and a relationship of harmony with all of nature. Learn about planting a billion trees (the Canopy Project); participate in 1.5 billion acts of green. Disassociation (toward Earth) is no longer viable. We lose our connection to life itself. Participation is viable—an anchor, refuge and service for all of life on Earth. Visit;; and for more information. From Farmers Almanac, “On Earth Day, enjoy the tonic of fresh air, contact with the soil, companionship with nature! Go barefooted. Walk through woods, find wildflowers and green moss. Remain outside, no matter the weather!” Nature, Earth’s most balanced kingdom, heals us. The New Group of World Servers is preparing for the May 3 Wesak Buddha Taurus solar festival. We prepare through asking for and offering forgiveness. Forgiveness purifies and like nature, heals.


The New Tech Nexus

Community leaders in science and technology unite to form web-based networking program


Mission Critical

How reading Lisa Jensen’s reviews taught me to love film
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Blown away by a Tuesday night dinner at Oswald


What would you like to see a TED talk about?

Hydrogen-gas cars that are coming this summer. Scott Oliver, Santa Cruz, Professor


Sarah’s Vineyard

Sarah’s Vineyard of Gilroy is known for crafting fine wines—and one of my all-time favorites is its Chardonnay. But this time, its Viognier has my vote.



East Coast meets West Coast in new meat lover’s paradise