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Oct 13th
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Best of Santa Cruz The Rest

Best Doggie Daycare

best rest3Bed and Biscuits
Fur couture
Their grooming offerings include rhinestone bling that can be affixed to dogs’ ears, and temporary tattoos.

Shop ‘til you flop
They have a shop on-site where they sell dog clothing, grooming supplies, raw food diets, and more.
I need a vacation There have been two separate instances of dogs running away from home and coming to Bed and Biscuits.
A little understanding
“The one thing that I think makes us really unique to me is we have so many employees that have been with us five to 15 years now. They know the dogs. They know who’s afraid of what. They know who likes what. They know your dog,” says owner Laurie Chadwick.
Yip yip yippee! Small dogs are able to do cage-free boarding and sleep in the living room of a house on site. | Georgia Perry

Best Local Farm

best rest4Gizdich Ranch
The 67-acre farm has been in the Gizdich family since the 1930s.
Berry Varied
Gizdich Ranch produces more than 14 varieties of apples and berries on the property.
Good Bug, Bad Bug Ever heard of Integrated Pest Management? Gizdich Ranch uses this natural form of pest control where good bugs are strategically released to eat the bad bugs.
My Tart Will Go On
Other than pies, Gizdich sells juice, fresh fruit, frozen fruit, frozen purees, berry ice cream, berry popsicles, puff pastries, dumplings, tarts and deli sandwiches.
We are the Champions
An unofficial taste test by Chowhound voted Gizdich Ranch the best olallieberry pie. | Leslie Patrick

Best Spiritual Leader

best rest6Rene Schlaepfer
Helping Hands
Through “The World’s Biggest Garage Sale,” Twin Lakes Church raised 300,000 meals for Second Harvest Food Bank in 2013. The 2014 installment of this behemoth garage sale takes place May 17. The church has provided 1 million meals to Second Harvest each year for three years.
Close Call
Founded in 1890, the church was shuttered completely due to low attendance in the 1920s, and revitalized as Twin Lakes Baptist Church in the ’30s. (Now an independent church, “Baptist” was removed from the name 19 years ago.)
Average attendance for its four weekend services.
2013 Easter weekend attendance
2013 Christmas attendance
 “What makes TLC special? Our people. Our congregation has a generous personality. And that stems directly from believing that God is generous to us.”—Senior Pastor Rene Schlaepfer, who came on board as senior pastor in 1993.
Sweet Sounds
They are a musical bunch: Local American Idol contestants James Durbin and Lisa Leuschner and Grammy-winning singer Joy Williams (of The Civil Wars) all sang in Twin Lakes musical productions in their youth. Current worship pastor Trent Smith has several albums on iTunes. The TLC music team features several players in popular local bands.
Fresh Air
Schlaepfer worked as an on-air personality in radio broadcasting for several years before going into the ministry. | Elizabeth Limbach

Best Website averages 70,000 to 90,000 unique visitors per month. Its most popular post was a “Radiation Report” video from January 2014.

Shutterbugs The site has one or two photographers out shooting the breaks and local wave riders every day.
Hit or miss
“Some of the surprising things we [have] learned is what people gravitate to content wise,” says CEO/Founder Tyler Fox. “Some of the things we think are amazing don't get the views and some of the other articles or photos we're not super impressed with get a ton of traffic.”
Dropping in
When surfing locally, Fox prefers Sewers. His favorite surf spot away from home is Padang Padang in Indonesia.
On the horizon
Looking ahead at 2014, Fox says the community can expect a high-quality quarterly print magazine (first issue hits stands in June), live cameras, user-submissions pages, better weather widgets, and other new features.
Surf’s up
Fox’s favorite quote about surfing? "The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”—Phil Edwards | Elizabeth Limbach

Political Issue

best rest5xHomelessness
3,536: the estimated number of homeless individuals in the county, according to the 2013 Santa Cruz County Homeless Census and Survey.
12 percent of local homeless are under the age of 18, according to the Homeless Census and Survey. 8.2 out of 10 homeless who responded to the survey were unsheltered.
205: The number of illegal homeless campsites cleared out by Santa Cruz police in 2013, according to Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark. “These are large-scale established campsites,” says Clark. “These numbers do not include the scores of migratory camps that appear overnight such as the caves along West Cliff and under the Wharf, beaches or neighborhood parks.” The most busts in a single location was in the canyon between Tanner Heights and Pasatiempo.
289: The number of illegal camping citations the SCPD issued in 2013.
To garner support for its plans for a legal local homeless camp, Santa Cruz Sanctuary Camp is organizing a Community Campout with the Homeless. Learn more at
On April 1, the Homeless Services Center announced that Monica Martinez was stepping down from her post as executive director after four years at the helm. As of press time, the HSC was conducting a national search for her replacement.
The “Not the Other
: Oral Histories of People Experiencing Homelessness” exhibit is on display at the downtown branch of the Santa Cruz Public Library through June 28.
The Homeless Garden Project store is now open every weekend (Friday and Saturday noon to 7 p.m.; Sunday noon to 6 p.m.) on Pacific Avenue between O'Neill's and Verizon. | Elizabeth Limbach

Category Winners & Runners-Up

Activist Group

Take Back Santa Cruz
 Save Our Shores, LOOLA—Live Oak’s Off-Leash Advocate


Seabright East Cliff Drive, Seabright Avenue, Santa Cruz, 427-4868
 Capitola, Rio Del Mar

Childcare Center

Santa Cruz Toddler Care Center 1738 16th Ave., Santa Cruz, 476-4120,
Children’s Enrichment Center, Circle of Friends


Twin Lakes Church 2701 Cabrillo College Drive, Aptos, 465-3300,
 Inner Light Ministries, Vintage Faith

Doggie Daycare

Bed and Biscuits 2625 Chanticleer Ave., Santa Cruz, 475-1580,
 Little Pup Lodge, Velvet Coat

Eyelash Extensions

Bella Dawna 7556 Soquel Drive, Aptos, 688-3203,
 L’Atelier, Serene Skin & Body

Green Certified Business

T Paul Sek Painting 721 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz, 588-4080,
 Greenspace, Ecology Action


Dream Inn 175 W Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, 426-4330,
 Chaminade Resort & Spa, Hotel Paradox

Local Farm

Gizdich Ranch 55 Peckham Road, Watsonville, 722-1056,
 Live Earth Farm, Dirty Girl

Local Hero           

Jocelyn Dubin 130 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, 359-0675,
 Danny Keith, Analicia Cube

Local Mover & Shaker

Danny Keith For more information visit
 Andy Guy, Rene Schlepper

Locally Owned Business

Bookshop Santa Cruz 1520 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 423-0900,
 Cruzio, Shopper’s Corner

Music Class

Music Together 3709 Portola Drive, Santa Cruz, 438-3514,
 Be Natural Music, Mothersong

New Business

Midtown café 1121 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz
 Mas Audio Creations

Nonprofit Organization

Jacob’s Heart 221 Main St., Salinas, 769-9791,
 Community Bridges, Grind Out Hunger

Political Issue

Runners-Up Water Conservation, Desalinization


Sam Farr
 Hilary Bryant, Zach Friend


Chaminade resort & spa 1 Chaminade Lane, Santa Cruz, 475-5600,
 Seascape Beach Resort

Summer Camp

Camp Hammer 21401 Big Basin Way, Boulder Creek, 338-3200,
Runners-Up Richard Schmidt Surf Camp, Kennolyn

Student Hangout

The Abbey 350 Mission St., Santa Cruz,
 Café Pergolessi, Verve

Website for Local 411

Santa Cruz Waves
 Good Times, Cruzio

Wedding Venue

Seascape Beach Resort 1 Seascape Resort Drive, Aptos, 688-6800,
 Chaminade, Cocoanut Grove

Wi-fi Café

The Abbey 350 Mission St., Santa Cruz,
Verve, Coffeetopia

Comments (4)Add Comment
written by Andy Guy, May 01, 2014
Thank you to everyone who voted, it's an honor to be a runner up along side Danny And Rene.
facilitator, Housing NOW Santa Cruz, and member, Smart Solutions to Homelessness
written by Linda a Ellen Lemaster, April 30, 2014
I agree entirely with Daniel's comment here, and it is validating to be reading it in Good Times.

There are many many ways any one of us can help make our community safer for displaced, transitioning and homeless families and individuals. To invoke Mitch Snyder (who even got Ronald Reagan to help Washington DC's then-homeless folks despite himself), even a smile or a word of genuine kindness heals.

When people started complaining about "the homeless" we all were seeing in the 1980s, many of us started solving and serving, building and restoring, one life at a time. We were mostly all believing those pushed-out and fallen-out people were an anomaly. Yet those years were economically 'vital.'

Since then -- 2 big wars, major disasters (earthquake here, to Katrina...), a so-called recession, and STILL with the wholesale mortgage crisis/displacement. Not to mention sky-high rent inflation and gentrification. Rental vacancy rate here hovers at Zero and now a HUGE percent of new renters here are formerly local homeowners.

We are pretty much ALL way busier now than, say, five years ago, whether its school, jobs, or hustling for work or trades. Nonetheless - the smallest show of humanity is a rare contribution. Let's follow the lead of some local churches and "just do SOMEthing caring" and see where that takes us! Lots of chances to join others, but a cup of tea and tenderness for one weathered soul can be a saving grace.

Thank you, poster dude!

Best Spiritual Teacher
written by Sheere Willis, April 26, 2014
I am proud that Rene and Twin Lakes Church received this honor. I attend TLC. I want to point out that we feed, supply medical/ dental needs to people all over the world; feed orphans, and support and teach children coming out of the sex trade with counseling how to make an income to support themselves, to sew and make jeweler, and trust me, they send us their goods and we buy them up! And we don't have to dress up at church. At Munsky Hall, you can come in slippers, flip-flops, and shorts and t-shirt, anyway you normally dress. We call it little church next to the big church, all part of TLC. And it's at 10:45am and you can eat doughnuts and drink coffee at all times during the service. Ya!
Thanks Good Times
written by Daniel Madison, April 26, 2014
It was quite surprising to find my photo once again in a public publication. It's a very good image of me so I can't complain. The one thing that worries me though is I'm quickly becoming the poster boy for homelessness in Santa Cruz and with that comes responsibility both good and bad. I've been an activist most of my life fighting for what I believe in including taking a deeper look at homelessness and finding ways to stop blaming and start thinking of people, all people as our community and how we can bring value out of everyone. I don't believe in handouts but also I don't think anyone should starve either. What I do believe is having a way for people to find value in themselves. The only way that's going to happen is there needs to be opportunity for everyone. Some kinds of opportunity are jobs or education but those only help a few. Others might just need a way they can learn and work for themselves with their hands by providing tools. Many are willing to volunteer in exchange for food, housing and support. It takes work from everyone and there's much to do that government aren't willing or capable of doing. It's really up to all of us to come together and find out. Daniel Madison

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