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Jan 30th
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Win It and Wear It Contest Free Giveaways



NEW CONTEST: Visit the latest Obsessive Beauty blog and enter to win the latest contest. Deadline is Aug. 24.


Winners announced from the Aug. 18 contest. (See Below.)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Because this contest has been such a hit, GT will be running a weekly fashion/beauty giveway contest here on Obsessive Beauty. Check back next week to enter to win the first prize.

Like what you saw in the pages of GT’s fashion issue?
Then things will only get better for you. For the first time ever, we’re offering a slew of free giveaways, items featured in this Fashion Issue, all for free.

Here’s what to do: Leave a comment here on the Obsessive Beauty, Win It or Wear It Contest blog, or, go to the Fashion Issue cover story online and leave a comment. Tell us what you were obsessed about from the Fashion Issue and you’ll be entered to win one of the following prizes:


One-of-a-kind earrings from Blank Verse Jewelry - Dawn Miller
A vintage-inspired ring from August Mae Designs - Marcea
A classic Lex Designs T-shirt (white with a black and yellow ruffle) - Love.Sewn
Hand-made earrings from Stripe - Maria Grusauskas
A leather cuff with a vintage broach from Nuala - Anne
A $50 gift certificate from Cameron Marks - Paige S
A T-shirt from Idle Hands Boutique - Teri
A sample size cosmetics product from Beauty 360 Santa Cruz and a free skin consultation- Hannah


A pair of pajamas from Manu - Gina Santorini

Bird Mafia T-shirt - Kristen H

Haircut from Gina Bokariza of Urban Groove Hair Salon - Agostina

Hair products from Urban Groove Hair Salon - Cassie Cleaton

Deadline is Aug. 12. Winners announced Aug. 13


Comments (60)Add Comment
written by jeanine davis, August 24, 2010
Love, love, love all the handcrafted, beautiful jewelry!
written by jeanine davis, August 18, 2010
I love the beautiful, original jewelry designs
written by Brittny Rogers, August 16, 2010
I love Designs by Lex, you and i share that wonderful love of boots!. the perfect mix of girly and chic... love it
written by Sarah Gard, August 12, 2010
Personally, I'm a fan of designs by Lex, but it's all so beautiful!
great job
written by gina santorini, August 11, 2010
what a great cover story. every year i look forward to the fashion issue and love seeing so many local designers. great work all around-from writing, photography, and clothing suggestions. simply gorgeous.
Made by Lex!
written by Priz, August 11, 2010
I have to admit I am a big fan of Lex designs! Thanks for the chance to win smilies/grin.gif
written by Lexy Syrek, August 11, 2010
Well I recently found Designs by Lex and decided that I would start following her fashion due to her fantastic name!
keeping up with the morelands
written by kates2879, August 11, 2010
i love lex designs striped top... oh my heavens love it!
written by Rachel D, August 11, 2010
I loved everything in Clare's first look- the Lex nautical sweatshirt, Good Society jeans, sweater, Donni Charm scarf, August Mae ring Nuala leather bag and socks, and the boots. Lovely!
written by Cassie Cleaton, August 10, 2010
Designs by Lex is truly inspirational, love everything she does!
written by kgrusso, August 10, 2010
Love the nuala watch and obsessed with the boots!
written by Heather Dawson, August 10, 2010
I am absolutely in love with the leather bracelet with the vintage broach by Nuala. It gives an edgy flair to a classic jewel and creates a complexity that is paramount in ever outfit...there are many other items that I feel I simply can't live without, however, this is one of the items at the top of my list and one that I am going to try and replicate somehow.
written by Lou, August 10, 2010
I think the whole shoot, styling. article, was a great success for the Good Times Congratulations to Lex and Christa and everyone else who put so much great effort into making a change in the (somewhat newly established haha) Santa Cruz fashion scene! Thank You! Oh, and I'm obsessssed with the cover shot.. good work LEX!
written by yourstrulydear, August 10, 2010
i'm obsessed with the high waist long skirt by lex designs. it's awesome! i also love the feature on hemp clothing.
New Fashion Obsession
written by maria grusauskas, August 10, 2010
I really love the rings too! But most of all, I love all of the off the shoulder t shirts featured in the cover story photos - i think this look is extremely sexy yet tasteful!! Thanks for the chance to win!! smilies/cheesy.gif
sweet fashion
written by roni, August 10, 2010
I especially loved the accessories! Wearable handmade, and Eco friendly art is something I am very passionate about and so glad to see that these artists are thriving! Can't wait to check out Cameron Marks-i've never been!
written by Dawn Miller, August 10, 2010
I am so totally loving these new looks for fall! It could become obsessive. I really like the leather cuffs.
Obsessive beauty
written by Ally Watrous, August 10, 2010
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the August Mae rings! Heading to Stripe this week to buy one. Thanks, Leslie and Christa!
I love SC fashion
written by Jackie Joyce, August 10, 2010
I loved looking through the Fashion Issue because it really showed how unique the SC artists are. Fashion is an art, and they are excelling at it. All of the pieces featured were one of a kind and the accessories definitely had that vintage undertone that I LOVE.
written by angela hernandez, August 10, 2010
obsessed, yes! i love your items, so inspiring to be a beautiful woman!
written by Teri, August 10, 2010
Since I've been following Lex for quite awhile, of course I love everything she does. The Nautical Top
would be wonderful to own!
Thanks for the giveaway.
Love the fashion shoot!!!
written by Kelly C, August 10, 2010
I obsessively read Made by Lex, and I love all her clothes. I especially love the striped nautical top - it's so beautiful! Also being a love of leather and vintage, Nuala's cuffs are simply gorgeous, and every time I see them I'm inspired to make one like it or get one.
written by Jacqueline, August 10, 2010
Love Love LOVE the leather cuff by Nuala...beautiful combination of leather and vintage femininity. Love the styling by Lex too!!!
written by Jacie Saltzman, August 09, 2010
obsessed? only slightly. okkkk, VERY! i love anything done by Lex. she is absolutely amazing!!
written by melissa, August 09, 2010
oh i am lovin the high waisted long skirt by lex and i LOVE the cover model's outfit but would pair it with some tall riding boots!
written by love.sewn, August 08, 2010
im totally in love with all the jewelry and made by lex tshirts!
written by Serena Dunford, August 08, 2010
There are many artists in this issue that I was not yet familiar with, and now that I've seen their work I love it. Thank you for showcasing them!
And as a side note, I love the August Mae rings; very unique, artistic and beautiful.
Also, I think Idle Hands is my favorite new obsession; I can't pass by that shop without wandering in!
Anyway, Thanks!smilies/smiley.gif
written by Hannah, August 08, 2010
Totally Loving Lex Designs, so perfect for my my life right now and add Nuala into that Definetlly a winning combo!!
Love it!
written by Marcea, August 08, 2010
I specifically loved the input on tights and socks this Autumn. I think it's a thoughtful addition to the Autumn - taking a break from our all beloved jeans and slipping into something a little softer. The possibilities to layer them with shorts, or even more socks and tights, are well, endless! I'm excited for trying this look out as the weather gets colder, and I hope to see more people sporting the tights too!
written by dbd, August 08, 2010
Awesome fashion issue, exciting to see what's in store for the fall season. Absolutely love the August Mae rings, so fun and unique. And the Lex striped nautical top along with the Lex transforming wool cape are positively yummy!
written by M. Smith, August 07, 2010
I love the floral and military combination. I also love the earrings on that look.
My second favorite was definitely the one with the black and white stripe top. It just looks so classy and can be worn anywhere.
Love it all!
written by Stefanie Reifler, August 07, 2010
I am in awe of Lex's talent. I have been following Lex Designs for some time, and it keeps getting better and better. I would be so honored to own one of her designs! I also LOVE the leather watch by Nuala. I love it all!
written by paige s, August 07, 2010
uh, can we say GENIOUS? these looks are absolutely beautiful... and the people that are behind them are incredible and so talented! obsessed with IT ALL. but i do love the naula weather watch, and the lex striped shirt the most! thanks for sharing!
written by LaceyK, August 07, 2010
I could be very obsessed with the Uninhibited lingerie! Thanks for giving me something to dream about tonight!
Love this...
written by Samantha S., August 07, 2010
I went crazy over the Nuala leather buckled wool socks; they are so unique, I haven't seen anything else quite like them. I am also dying over each of the Blank Verse necklaces. Again, they are funky and different, but still so classy! I must admit, though, that it was hard to choose favorites...all the outfits are pretty fabulous.
Happy Shopping!
written by Fox & Trouble, August 07, 2010
I am so glad to see some of my favorite shops get some recognition.
written by Aubrey, August 07, 2010
cannot get enough of the beautiful unique designs by lex! & how gorgeous this whole shot was! nice to see GT mixing offerings from local designers and companies along with main stream ready to wear pieces.
Fashion/Accessories Designer
written by karmen , August 07, 2010
I love the Donni Charm scarf!!!! The color is AMAZING and it looks super comfortable!!!
written by Angela@stilettosandgrace, August 07, 2010
I just loved the instant edge that comes from those motorcycle boots! And those rings? Absolutely gorg. But, the way they showed up over the wool cape was almost like poetry... a short statement that says so much. Love, love, love!!! (And I totally want that cape. Like, now.)
written by Clare, August 07, 2010
I loooove Alexis' styling and photography!! she is sooo talented!!!
written by Teri, August 06, 2010
Such amazing pieces!
Thanks for the giveaway.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
written by agostina, August 06, 2010
I love the nuala watch!!!!! and the wool cape by lex designs. awesome.
written by Desiree Holroyde, August 06, 2010
Why hello there! I really like the Lex Designs striped top BECAUSE I like things that are visually appealing and in turn I like to be visually appealing...... who doesn't like to appease others!? Also, I am in love with Synergy's two tone halter dress! The photo in the paper didn't do it justice, so I was quite happy to find a larger, full color image here on the site! Sustainable fabrics & processes are definitely the way to go! Nice work! smilies/grin.gif
written by Cara G., August 06, 2010
I am TOTALLY obsessed with the Nuala leather wool socks and the vintage boots! That whole outfit is amazing!!!
written by Heather Bee, August 06, 2010
Obsession is a rather strong word to describe my feelings about clothing, but I will say with accuracy that I am quite taken with the autumn clothing featured in this issue. Autumn is my favorite season by far, mostly because of the colors, and the clothing line captures the gorgeous fall colors beautifully! I also love that the majority of the clothing is bought from local stores... live local, buy local! Lovely photography as well, overall a wonderful article, bravo smilies/smiley.gif
written by Tricia Bowser, August 06, 2010
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lex Designs striped top!!!! I would love to wear all the looks!
Ingenuity at its best!
written by Lauren Ridley, August 06, 2010
Love the buckled socks! Completely unique, but at the same time grounded when paired with boots. Lex's nautical sweatshirt has turned me green with envy!
written by Lacretia, August 06, 2010
I LOVE the Nuala leather watch and the Lex striped top. The styling was awesome! I would totally rock all of those looks! Thanks for the giveaway!
written by Julie Rae, August 06, 2010
I love love LOVE the Lex Striped sweatshirt top. It is perfect for fall!
written by Shelly@RidingPretty, August 06, 2010
So many talented designers here in Santa Cruz to get crazy obsessed about!
I'm loving the Idle Hands Shop, so my obsession starts there smilies/smiley.gif
sweet giveaway!
written by Krista B, August 06, 2010
Yay! I love everything featured!
written by Care B, August 06, 2010
Wow! What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks so much for the opportunity. Good luck everyone!
written by Kristen Walker, August 06, 2010
I love the Lex Designs Grey Nautical Sweatshirt, the August Mae rings and I'm obsessed with the boots!! I can't wait for fall!!!
written by Kylie, August 05, 2010
I am obsessed with the Bird Mafia t-shirts! Especially the owl shirt because I am obsessed with owls. So awesome. smilies/smiley.gif
written by Celtickai, August 05, 2010
Love the Fall clothing! I am loving the accessories, too! So nice to find items at both stores featured that are timeless - never go out of style! I am obsessed - and impressed - with the story you told about the pants you found at Stripe - or the ones the staff found for you. Way cool.
written by anne, August 05, 2010
loved that you included fashion in the arts this time around! there are so many fantastic artists emerging in our little town, it's nice to get inside info on what's out there! thanks~
written by Corrie, August 05, 2010
So pretty : )
written by lizmz, August 05, 2010
i am obsessed with the august mae rings! gorgeous! i love the look! AND i loved the the nautical sweatshirt by lex designs!
Loved the August Mae rings!!!
written by Hayley Mears, August 05, 2010
I loved the August Mae rings and the girls idea to turn broken vintage pieces into jewelery. It inspired me to go through my grandmothers old jewelery to see what I can salvage! Thanks!
written by Martica, August 05, 2010
Not obsessed on the tights and heels look, but prefer the vintage motorcycle boots and the Transforming Wool cape by Lex Designs.

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